Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oscar Blandi Smoothing Hair Cream Trattamento Di Jasmine

My hair has never been happier. Every hair care product I've tested in the last six months has been a success, and the result is a simple, almost minimalistic routine. I wash, condition and use small amount of just one leave-in product, be it a curling mousse or a smoothing serum or cream, and that's it. For someone with the amount of hair I'm sporting, this is a huge improvement that saves time, money and general fuss.

Oscar Blandi Smoothing Hair Cream that also answers to the romantic sounding name Trattamento di Jasmine, is a (very) thick conditioner. The directions tell you to leave it for 3-15 minutes and recommend wrapping your hair in a towel and then covering the whole thing with a shower cap, because it performs better if there's some heat involved. I skip the towel, because there's no shower cap in the world big enough to host both my hair and a towel. I just pin it up with a clip, wear the shower cap and do my thing. In my experience, 5 to 10 minutes are more than enough to get excellent results.

It's a bit odd at first. The cream is thick and the hair feels heavier and texturized after you wash it off, as though you've used a volumizing or a no-grease product, which scared me when I first used it (the last thing I need is more volume. My hair would take the entire Easter Seaboard). But once the hair is dry and everything was in place, with or without a styling product I could tell things are smoother and significantly less frizzy. A good shine and a very pleasant low-key jasmine scent (no sillage, you need to bury your nose in my hair to smell it, but please don't) make this a great product that has earned its place in my rotation.

Oscar Blandi Smoothing Hair Cream ($26) is available at Sephora, online and in store. My original travel size was a GWP, I've bought a full size since.

Image: The Jasmine Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker, shamelessly swiped from an eBay auction.

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