Saturday, March 21, 2009


The Perfect scent by Chandler Burr. Yes, I'm a year late for the party. Still a fascinating read.

When Love Breaks Down by Prefab Sprout. A favorite for over twenty years.

Frequently worn outfit/item
Black Stiletto boots.

If it's a chypre, I'm going to wear it. Jut got a bottle of Bandit in parfum concentration. Love.

Any taupe eye shadow. I was considering putting everything else away, but then yesterday I felt like wearing navy blue and dug out a Chanel compact. So maybe I'm not ready just yet.

Fresh pasta. They opened a wonderful new Whole Foods a few blocks away from my house. It has absolutely everything, including fresh pasta they cut for you in any shape you request.

Water. I'm boring.

Guilty Pleasure
Chocolate. I don't eat any other sugary thing, but chocolate is my current downfall.

Bane of my existence
My laptop is dying a slow, painful death.

Growing my own tomatoes.

Manolo Blahnik studded sandals:

What are your current favorites, banes and wishes?

art: Purple Crocus by Beth Stafford
shoe fetish: Neiman Marcus


  1. Bandit in Parfum? Must be sex in a bottle! Desire!

  2. Book: Atonement
    Song: Jump by Madonna
    Frequently worn item: Jeans - three so frequently worn pairs that I REALLY need to get out and find some new ones
    Perfume: Sacrebleu!
    Makeup: Bobbi Brown Mauve lip gloss and Heather Mauve Shimmer Wash eye shadow
    Food: Chickpea Tagine from Food/Wine mag
    Drink: Margaritas (OK, doesn't really go with that tagine...)
    Guilty pleasure: Ben and Jerry's (that's ice cream BTW ;-)
    Bane of my existence: Tendonitis in my shoulder (too much computer time?)
    Anticipation: No more snow!
    Wishlist: Those jeans I mentioned...and art school...

  3. I'm loving the bottle of Reverie au Jardin (Tauer) I bought last weekend at Aedes. Also, head over heels in love with the Moroccan Oil and Moroccan Oil Hydrating Mask. They make my hair sooo smooth and shiny, and they smell delicious. I'm obsessing over taupey shadows too! I just started actually. I was sick of brown. Hate silver on my face. MAC has a few nice frost-finish taupes that brighten my face and make my eyes pop, w/o looking really make up-y. Love

  4. Gaia, BTW, I totally remember that weird Neroli shower gel with the beads in it. I had it. In fact, when I started reading your review, I thought of it...then you mentioned it. I had the fragrance, too, but I think it was in a rounder bottle? Don't remember the square one. It smelled sort of musty as I recall. Perhaps I had a newer version?

  5. Tom, suprisingly enough, the parfum is not as vicious. Gorgeous, but less dirty.

  6. Karin, I'm on a quest for a new pair of white denim. My old one from four years ago (Habitual, I think) isn't going to cut it this season.

  7. Gretchen, I love love love Reverie. So perfect for warmer weather.

  8. Karin, re: Neroli- I think they had several orange blossom products in several product ranges that didn't survive or were repackaged one time too many. I don't get the marketing logic behind it. The 2003 scent was perfect. They should have built a decent line around it, instead of the weird stuff.


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