Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jonathan No-Frizz Hydrating Balm- Taming Of The Shrew

My biggest issue with styling products of the balm variety might have come to an end. Most leave-in conditioners, shine sprays and silicon drops that are good for the dry parts of my hair tend to make my scalp itch. On the other hand, gels and anti-frizz creams that keep things in place are fine to use near my face and hair roots, but can make everything else sticky and/or stiff.

Jonathan Product No-Frizz Hydrating Balm is a serious multitasker. It does a very decent job in the anti-frizz department even when I'm not using a styling iron. It just makes things ever so smooth, gives them a little shine while keeping the rest of the hair soft and fluffy. It opens my curls and makes them more wavy, but hair remains bouncy and not weighed down or limp.

I was happy to see that shea butter is a star player in this balm. The ingredient list has quite a few chemicals on board but also many essential oils and plant extracts to make me feel less toxic. The product is vegan and I loved the little "celebrity tested" label. It makes one think that maybe Heidi and Spencer were put into good use after all.

Jonathan Product No-Frizz Hydrating Balm ($26 for a 5.1 oz tube. It also comes in a 1.7 oz size) is available from as well as from Sephora in store and online, which is where I bought mine.

Photograph by Charmante -Sterling, Inc, NYC

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  1. Thank you for writing about this. I cannot stand Jonathan Antin and would never have looked at his products. BUT... I may be traveling to Paris soon for the first time and I'm in a panic about what I'm going to do with my naturally textured, frizz-prone hair. (I beat it into submission with a blow dryer, vented brush and curling iron every day. The end result is beautiful, but my hair appliances would probably short-circuit the entire city.) Sounds like this may allow me to go au naturelle.

    Nexxus makes a curl enhancing spray that does wonders for my natural wave and allows me to go without further styling, but it makes my scalp itch.


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