Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Zana Cosmetics Lipstick And Lip Gloss- All Pinked Up

There's an obvious change in the way we look at products. There's more awareness about what we use and what we put into our bodies. More and more cosmetics companies are jumping on the natural bandwagon. Or the supposedly natural.

Personally, and it's just an opinion of someone who's not a pro in the health or well-being industry, I'm more concerned with the food that goes into my body than with anything washable that goes on the surface. Eating non-processed, organic whole foods is my top priority. But I can't deny that cosmetics that boast lack of toxic ingredients and/or an abundance of good-for-you stuff have a certain appeal.

Zana Cosmetics makeup products come in adorable outer packaging. The boxes are mostly pink with collages and illustrations, there are some pseudo-inspirational statements ("speak your mind, silence is the real crime against humanity" and "never compromise yourself". Don't ask me to analyze this. I don't do inspiration), everything is made in the USA, which makes one feel good these days, and there's a promise of mineral oil-free, paraben-free existence. Not bad for lip colors.

But then I look at the ingredient list. While the one for the lipstick is really impressive and has a lot more natural oils and waxes than any other components, the lip gloss is all about poly-this and ethyl-that. The only two ingredients I didn't have to google were silica and vanillin. So much for natural.

Once out of the boxes, the cuteness factor changes into a 70s retro vibe, all black plastic and metallic shocking pink. It has a certain charm, like a zebra print shag carpet and avocado green cabinets, but this is no Chanel.

The products I tested were surprisingly nice. I tried Kiss My Lips lipstick ($13) in Rose Wild and Diva Glaze ($14) in Hot Pink. Both are rich in pigment and quite long lasting. The lipstick is matte and dark, so all the usual rules apply: exfoliate, hydrate and line before applying. It's pretty and the color was very flattering for me. I can't wear it without a balm or a gloss, though. It's too dry for my comfort. The glaze looks scary pink in the tube, but is not as out there when applied (my lips are quite pigmented, so if you're pale you'll probably want to try a more subdued shade). It's only moderately sticky and tolerably shimmery. The pigment survives a cup of tea, though most of the glaze is gone.

I got both products as a PR freebie, and when researched online I discovered that Zana products are only available through their reps. To find one, you need to call a number on the (very annoying) website. Not the most efficient way to do business and very non-Web 2.0 approach. While I liked the lipstick enough to consider buying another one in a different color (Spicy Hot looked promising), it's not that amazing to justify any extra effort to locate the product. If i can't get it either at a local counter and/or online, I just don't bother.

All photos are mine. Model: Giselle.


  1. How Avon of them.

    I'm not caring so much about the "natural" bit for make-up. But then again I don't wear make-up, so I shouldn't talk.

  2. ha, Avon. totally.
    i am mesmerized by the second picture of your cat. it is beyond adorable.

    love your blog. read it every morning with my coffee.


  3. Tom, I'm not even sold on the idea of natural perfumes, even though I find myself liking quite a few of them, but not because they're natural. Because some of them are really really good. Food needs to be natural, eyeliner- not so much.

  4. Dea, thank you very much, from me and from Giselle :)

  5. What a lovely cat! My kitties to this all the time with my make up, they tend to steal my pencils too :/


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