Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nars Gothika Lip Gloss

It happens every year: the stores are full of spring makeup collection in all their pink limited edition glory, I go through them, shrug and don't feel like getting anything. My tolerance for pink is very minimal.

Since I have yet to get excited about any of the new stuff, let's look at a lip gloss that is approaching classic status: Nars lip gloss in Gothika. The name might be scary, but this is not the lip product for aspiring vampires. Gothika is a low-profile plum with quite a bit of red and a hint of barely there gold shimmer that warms the color just enough to make it flattering on many skin tones. It works beautifully on my olive complexion, as it amps up the natural color. I saw it on more than one pale face and it was stunning- it creates some drama without looking weird.

Texture-wise, not all Nars glosses are created equal, but Gothika is among the very best. It's more pigment than goop, it stays in place and the stickiness is minimal. The gloss is semi-sheer, the color is buildable and can be toned down if you use a lip balm as a base.

I consider Gothika a neutral, go-anywhere color, which is why I keep one in just about every purse. Spring or not, darker lips are popular this year (which is a very good thing, if you ask me), so it's worth checking for anyone who's had enough of nude lips and wants something more exciting without going too far out of their comfort level.

Nars lip glosses ($24) are available from, and Sephora- both online and in store, which is where I bought mine.


  1. YEEEEESSS! This is my favorite lipcolor, period.

  2. Well , I have never tried this one cuz I'm skeered of gloss !! But Nars is often the only palette in my I will DEF try this ASAP . Thanks !

  3. Dain, isn't it funny how we have such different coloring yet share several favorite lip colors?

  4. Carol, it's worth trying. Definitely not in the gooey, shiny Paris Hilton lips department.

  5. Hm, I should try this. I am rather pale but most "spring" pinks look terrible over my pigmented lips. I like a gloss with more punch :)



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