Monday, March 30, 2009

Dior Crayon Eyeliner In Elegant Taupe

From the jaw-dropping "statement compact" to true luxuries: A beautiful eye liner that creates an elegant look.

Dior made some serious improvements to the texture of their pencils. I had an older incarnation of the crayon in Precious Green and Precious Violet which I've put aside for lack of creaminess. This is why sometimes a reformulation can be a very good thing. I've since tested and liked the black and several lip liners, but it's the newest addition from the Parisian Nude collection, Elegant Taupe, that has won me over.

Elegant Taupe has a metallic finish that lifts and brightens the look instantly and is as spring-like as one can get without going pink. I wear it in a thick line with just a touch of black liquid liner at the base of the upper lashes, but someone with a fair skin should probably wear it alone.

Application is easy and doesn't require pulling or tugging. I use a primer and the line stays put and retains its color and sheen throughout the day with no smearing or bleeding. I tested it indoor and out and it also survived a short walk in the rain.

None of the online swatches does the pencil and the color any justice, and neither does my camera. You can see a semi decent photo on this French site that shows the color as a bit warmer than how it appears in mine, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Dior Crayon Eyeliner ($26) is available from most department stores as well as from Sephora. Mine was a gift from a dear friend.


  1. I wonder if they have reformulated their violet too? I've used up two of those pencils and would like to try the next version.


  2. I instantly fired off a link to this post to my friend Louise. She's all about the fresh Spring colors this season, and I think the taupe eye crayon will probably make her swoon.

  3. Thought I should report back and let you know that Louise purchased the crayon. She read your review, zipped over to Nordstrom to check it out and purchased it on the spot -- well, she ordered it on the spot. They were already sold out.

    She tripped on over to Sisley Paris while she was there and fell in love with their Phyto Lip Shine. I think she bought it in coral, your color nemesis. ;)

  4. Hi there, could you tell me if this colour is suitable for lining the inner lower lid? I sometimes find brown is too dark. Just not sure if the metalic sheen will work. Have you tried? x


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