Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today I went back to finish a book I've abandoned weeks ago, then moved on to read a couple of chapters from Pride and Prejudice, because I needed the comfort of familiar words. Next might be something by Carol Goodman.

Richard Shindell's version of Springsteen's 4th of July, Asbury Park (aka Sandy). It's my favorite Bruce song and Shindell takes it into a whole new level of awesome.

Frequently worn outfit/item
Trench coats. 'Tis the season.

MPG Racine. The softer side of vetiver.

Anything by Le Metier de Beaute . Superb quality.

Pineapple chunks.

Chinese green tea.

Guilty Pleasure
My mom's sugar cookies.

Bane of my existence

My new laptop is finally making its way here.

Why is Mariah Carey suddenly everywhere?

What are your current loves, hates and little pleasures? Please share.

Art: Tamara de Lempicka-Portrait de Mme Ira Perrot


  1. Books - I'm on a Mary Balogh run and there's only one more left. :(
    Song - Breathe gentle, Tiziano Ferro/Kelly Rowland
    Frequently worn item - fake leather biker jacket (have no idea how that came to be)
    Perfume - stuck between spring and summer and don't know what to wear
    Make up - chanel glossimer
    Food - apples for breakfast
    Drink - chamomille tea
    Guilty pleasure - whisky
    Bane of my existence - going to work every day
    Anticipation - long weekend in early June at the seaside
    Thought - losing weight should be easier

  2. Books - "deep river" by shusaku endo. i'm in japan and have been reading quite a few japanese novels :)
    Song - animal collective's "guy's eyes." it's like modernized pet sounds (my boyfriend calls this blasphemy, but i stand by it.)
    Frequently worn item - multiple identical americal apparel deep v-neck tees.
    Perfume - none :(
    Make up - mac fluidlines in ultraviolet. i've been too lazy to do my usual eyeshadow everyday, but i'm finding that a swipe of liner is quicker and just as effective.
    Food - fruits and veggies wherever i can find them, honey cranberry mochi.
    Drink - water
    Guilty pleasure - beautiful expensive architecture books
    Bane of my existence - hauling luggage through crowded train stations
    Anticipation - seeing my boyfriend/friends/family in 3.5 weeks
    Thought - i wish the economy was better so i could find a job this summer :(

  3. Books - The Pearl by Steinbeck. Classic, well written, good story.
    Song - Roche by Sebastian Tellier. Love.
    Frequently worn item - My new engagement ring :-)
    Perfume - Today I needed something clean and to the point: Cereus pour Homme #5. It's the only thing that'll do when the humidity threatens to drown you.
    Make up - Sun Bunny bronzer and my new Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited lipstick.
    Food - Homemade pesto, makes the biggest difference in your food.
    Drink -
    Guilty pleasure - The new Alienware laptop I just bought.
    Bane of my existence - Waking up at 6 AM to lift before work. Bodybuilding routines are tough.
    Anticipation - The long Memorial Day weekend, possibly going canoeing.
    Thought - I am the biggest nerd. Ever.

  4. books- "Queen Lucia" on Kindle for iPhone
    songs- "The Complete Cole Porter Song Book" Ella Fitzgerald
    perfume- Le Labo Oud 27
    no male-up
    food- blackberries
    drink- Trader Joe's Green Tea
    guilty pleasure- Tuescher
    bane- lack of wealth
    anticipation- tell you if it happens
    thought- I enjoy sleeping; looking forward to the long weekend

  5. Book: 'The Cult of the Luxury Brand' by Radha Chadha & Paul Husband

    Song: I'm on a mad tear through the 80's right now. Howard Jones keeps popping up on my playlist.

    Frequently worn item: DSquared2 jeans. I have two pair and I've pretty much stopped wearing the other jeans in my closet. These things fit me perfectly.

    Perfume: Your blog posts have lured me to the dark side of vanilla. Suddenly, vanilla is everywhere . . . and I like it!

    Makeup: no makeup, but I now swear by grapeseed oil as a facial moisturizer + shaving lubricant.

    Food: eggs. I've been seriously craving eggs lately.

    Drink: Zevia. It's a line of all-natural zero calorie sodas made with stevia leaf instead of any chemical sweeteners. They have six flavors and I love them all. I think you can find it at pretty much any Whole Foods.

    Guilty Pleasure: butter

    Bane of my existence: body fat count

    Anticipation: moving

    Thought: I'm starting to base my perfume purchases on how well a bottle might look in photographs. Help!

  6. Book: "Garden Spells", a whimsical novel by Sarah Addison Allen about a Southern garden with mysterious powers.

    Song: Can't quit U2's "Magnificent" - best thing they have done for ages.

    Outfit: My mulberry colored tunic sweater.

    Perfume: Tauer Perfumes L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Makeup: playing with Revlon's new Matte eye shadows - cheap and good!

    Food: Finding every possible way to use aged Fig balsamic vinegar, already tried with meat, bread, pasta and veggies, can dessert be far behind?

    Drink: Ice water with a splash of pomegranate juice

    Guilty pleasure: Trader Joe's Confection Perfection dark chocolate squares

    Bane of my existence: non-functioning print spooler service on my computer means I can't use my #@&!* printer but I can't figure out how to fix it either.

    Anticipation: My lilies will start to bloom in a couple of weeks, I live for it.

    Thought: Somewhat related to yours, WTF is with Lady Gaga and why on Earth should I care about her?


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