Sunday, May 31, 2009

Histoires de Parfums Ambre 114

Looking at my fragrance wardrobe, it's pretty clear I'm a fan of amber accord in almost any form. After all, what's not to love? It's rich, warm, often sweet and paired with vanilla and spice. Histoires de Parfums Amber 114 is no different in this regard, and despite all the other ambers I wear, it still has a place in my perfume cabinet as it's different enough.

Ambre 114 feels more restrained and pulled together than the exuberant powerhouse of Ambre Sultan. It shares the pairing of herbs and spice in the top and middle notes, but it's not as chewy and vegetal. Actually, while the 114 in the name stands for the number of ingredients in the perfume (how very Le Labo), the blending is so smooth and seamless it doesn't really invite you to play "spot the note". There's more of a feeling- a spicy phase, a floral streak and all that powdery vanilla-tonka-benzoin of a spicy oriental that makes one glue her nose to her wrist and roll her eyes with pleasure.

The entire Histoires de Parfums line is beautifully made and worth exploring, but right now Ambre 114 is my favorite (well, together with the sexy 1740 Marquis de Sade and 1969 which feels like an elegant and improved Angel), probably because it allows me to indulge in amber even in hot weather. I like to wear it at night as it's a bit dressy, but unlike many other ambers it doesn't feel dense. The herbal element keeps it clean (and unisex), and the very moderate sillage makes it appropriate almost everywhere, though my personal taste finds it on the romantic side.

Histoires de Parfums scents ($185 for 120 ml) are available in the US from Takashimaya in NYC and online through, where you can also order samples of the entire line. In Europe, it's available directly from the company's website (130 €). I received the samples and a mini of Ambre 114 as a PR freebie.

Art: Shooting Star by Sabzi

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  1. Not surprisingly, I like this one as well and have put a bottle of it on my wishlist. It's well behaved (not thick nor cloying) and not too sweet. As well as your other two favourites in the line (I love Patchouli Noir too!)


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