Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kevyn Aucoin - The Expert Lip Tint in Dantique

The name of this product, The Expert Lip Tint by Kevyn Aucoin, is somewhat misleading. It's more of a full-on lipstick than a tint, both in coverage and in pigment. It glides on nicely, and as long as you make sure to exfoliate beforehand, the rich texture sits well and looks very flattering. The finish is almost creamy though not shiny and makes the lips appear a little fuller.

My color of choice, Dantique, is described as sheer red, but it's not really sheer, at least not in the see-through sense. It's a warm red with a slight rust/brown base that isn't too obvious but works to keep the color more natural-neutral. It adds warmth and life to the face and is very wearable, day or night. Staying power isn't the best and I need to reapply after having a cup of tea, but it's quite moisturizing, so my lips are happy.

Model: Buffy
Photos and cat: Mine

Kevyn Aucoin The Expert Lip Tint ($23) is available from Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Sephora and, which is where I bought mine.


  1. Gaia - sorry to be off topic but our cat's could be siblings (except my Gus has two blue eyes).

    Quick question, b/c I've never had a long hair cat: have you figured out a way to shave him or brush him to reduce shedding? Gus has so much thick, fluffy fur it goes EVERYWHERE. I find it in the dishwasher. On my clothes that I just washed. In my purse. It's nuts. Any tips??

  2. Gretchen, I have a couple of really good combs, including one that's used for show cats, but while they are great detanglers and make the cats look beautiful, they do diddly squat for shedding. I have another long haired fluff ball, and my short haired also shed quite a bit, so I know exacly how it is. We invested in a heavy duty Dyson which helps a lot, but I'm pretty sure even my lungs are covered with cat hair.

  3. lady jane greyMay 30, 2009 3:34 AM

    Oh yes, cat hair is wicked... I found it even in the freezer and I'm sure it must be already on the moon as well...

  4. Is Buffy a Turkish Van, does he/she have odd eyes, one blue, one gold? It almost looks that way here. In any case, Buffy is gorgeous and looks like a very agreeable model!


  5. Lady Jane, I so know the feeling. It's everywhere. As soon as a garment comes back from the cleaners it starts collecting hair even still in the plastic.

  6. C., Buffy is just some kind of mixed domestic semi-long hair breed. She has odd eyes but isn't deaf, probably because she's not pure angora or anything. She has a terrific personality- very friendly and cuddly.

  7. love the cat! buffy is beautiful.

    - cheers, minette


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