Thursday, May 07, 2009

Underachievers And Underperformers

There are so many great products on the market and it's hard enough to keep up with them. I usually manage to avoid the really awful ones, but what about the ones that aren't horrible, just don't perform as you would hope?

Here are a bunch I've encountered in recent months. Please comment if they happen to work better for you.

Boots Time to Cleanse- Time Dimensions deep cleansing wipes
I always have makeup removal wipes on hand, even though it's not the most effective method. You know those nights when one step cleansing is all one can manage? That's when cleansing cloths are a life-saver. I usually use the regular ones in the greenish packaging, but my Target isn't known for being well-stocked at all times, so I picked these instead. They clean, sort of, if you insist and rub your face enough. Not exactly what I want to be doing. Following with a toner solves the problem, but that defies the purpose.

Guerlain Success Future Day Care SPF 15 Wrinkle Minimizer
I've gone through several sample tubes before giving up. It's a daytime moisturizer with SPF 15, but it's just doesn't deliver on the moisturizing front. I tested it under various conditions and the result is always the same: needs supplement. While at $140 for 1 oz it's about half the price of the heavy guns, it's still way too much for a non moisturizing day cream (and the pure amber extract? I don't buy it).

Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream with Biospheric Complex
(Have you noticed how all these products are a mouthful?)
An eco-friendly eye cream full of good intentions but does diddly squat on those mornings one needs extra help to perk up. I've been spoiled rotten by Lancome Secret de Vie Eye, so it's hard to compromise. Works great as a lip balm, though.

Arcona White Tea Eye Makeup Remover
I usually love Arcona products. They tend to smell great and feel wonderful on skin. The high concentration of plant extracts doesn't hurt, either. But when it comes to removing eye makeup this product is a dud. It takes a lot of product and too much rubbing to remove my mascara and eye liner, and even then it's never 100% clean. Completely unacceptable.

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  1. I haven't tried any of those, but wanted to suggest one that has the papers abuzz and wondering if you tried it.
    Boots No.7 Perfect and Protect has been shown contra placebo to actually perform on ironing wrinklets and such little irregularities for only about 22 euros a pot. Any experiences?

  2. E., P&P has been on my to-try list for ages. My local Target seems to always be out of it, but I really need to put a little more effort into finding it. If nothing, it would still make an interesting post.

  3. Thanks for the heads up! I'll avoid these guys- I can't afford to buy products with wimpy performance.

    This is also going to sound very strange BUT: baby wipes may do just as well as the Boots wipes in getting makeup off, for less money. I know, I know, they go on a baby's butt usually, but the Pampers Sensitive ones (not the Huggies, they suck) are the only wipes I've found that can obliterate my oilier foundations and long-lasting lipstick. Just an FYI, if you can't find your Boots wipes.



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