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Oribe Hair Care: Signature Shampoo And Conditioner

Celebrity hair stylist product lines seem to be exempt from the yawns, groans and ridicule that follow items such as Paris Hilton perfumes and Ramona from the Real Housewives of NYC skin care. Then again, these products seem to be at least above the average, even if no one actually believes the hair guru worked in the lab and concocting the perfect serum.

Oribe has been one of the biggest names in the industry for decades and was responsible for many runway and cover looks as well as for gossip items from the feud that was or wasn't with Jennifer Lopez to a story about Linda Avengelista throwing a backstage tantrum and sticking her head in the sink, threatening to run the water over her newly coiffed hair just before the show was about to begin, unless Oribe changes the style he gave another model, which was too similar to hers. His work usually features drama and volume and he has a refreshing respect for curls.

The Oribe hair care line is taking the image and reputation to new heights. It starts with the packaging: the ivory-and-black boxes could just as well hold perfume. They call to mind the iconic Serge Lutens box. The bottles are sleek, beautiful and free of the cluttered graphics and print you expect to find. Dark colors, muted and minimal script and the Versace-inspired logo. It's obvious that someone put real thought into the design as everything is easy to grab and hold. The shampoo and the conditioner bottles have a completely different shape, so you wouldn't reach for the wrong one even if you're still half asleep and/or not wearing your glasses.

Normally when it comes to high-end hair products I go straight for the stuff that stays in my hair and isn't washed right away, meaning styling creams, serums and curl-definers. But in this case I received the Oribe Signature shampoo and conditioner (for daily use), so I've been testing them in recent weeks.

The first try is always the scariest. Not just because of the risk for an allergic reaction and scalp itch, but because I never use any additional products for the initial test. Nothing- it's just me and the shampoo/conditioner against a world of frizz. April showers are probably not exactly the best environment for such endeavours, but to my surprise I didn't find myself with hair that is trying to reach the moon when I ventured out on a rainy night with my newly washed locks. Everything stayed in place and felt soft and manageable with only a reasonable amount of frizz.

Close inspection has shown that my hair was clean, shiny and felt great. The delicate floral scent is far above the average and it lasted for a very long time (but without projecting into the stratosphere). Repeat use has shown that Oribe Signature shampoo and conditioner are among those rare ones that require minimal styling products as a follow up. I use either a smoothing balm or my beloved Sebastian Whipped Creme and that's it, so I'm happy and nearly goop free.

The line has a couple of styling products that seem very interesting: A curl defining cream and especially the Supershine Moisturizing Cream, which is described as "Especially loved by medium-to-thick and extra-long hair". I just wish they'd take into account that us, carriers of the extra thick and long hair need bigger bottles.

Thankfully, I wouldn't need to hunt the Oribe line at various salons (these places freak me out. I always feel like everyone there is eyeing my hair and plotting ways to cut it. I'm only half kidding). It is sold at Bergdorf, Blue Mercury and on the company's website.

Both the Oribe Signature Shampoo ($29.00 250 ml /8.5 fl.oz ) and Conditioner ($34.00 200 ml /6.8 fl.oz) were part of goodie bag at a Bergdorf Goodman event.

Photos: Oribe with Alicia Keyes from, Coco Rocha in a flaming Oribe creation from, bottle from

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  1. I did try this shampoo and was disappointed. I did think the bottle was great looking. I have found better shampoos that do a great job.


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