Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shiseido Eye Shadow Quad- Rose Tones

Even someone with a general pink aversion can use a little bit of the questionable color as both a pick-me-up and to add a little life to a makeup look. It's all about matching colors and blending. A fabulous texture doesn't hurt, either.

Shiseido Eye Shadow Quad in Rose Tones successfully pairs two pink shadows: a very light one and a bright azalea pink with mauve and a dark dusty eggplant. The light pink has fast become my favorite highlighter, as unlike 90% shadows in this category it actually does the work on my weird skin color and gives just the right amount of brightening. It doesn't shows as very pink when applied, which is a good thing, but it gives the coveted "alive and awake" look.

The mauve is my go-to color for an easy daytime makeup, and with a touch of the eggplant as a liner, the look is soft and pretty. Mauves and purples can be tricky on certain complexions and create a bruise effect, so beware, especially if you're very fair. But most olive skin tones can pull it off, and then carefully add a little of the brighter pink (and blend well! the pigment is rich and strong) to bring more life into the mix. The shadows have the most delicate sheen/shimmer. They're not shiny or metallic, just very bright.

The texture of these shadows is superfine and silky. It lends to easy blending and application, just be sure to use a very soft brush, as it tends to somewhat crumble in the pan. A primer is non-negotiable. It will make the eye shadows stay on all day (including in humid NYC) and look better. I tested with and without a primer and the difference was significance, so it's worth the extra 30 seconds to get it right. I use the Sephora Brand Professional Platinum brushes, but any good, soft brush would do.

Shiseido 'The Makeup' Eye Shadow Quad ($36.50) is available at the better department stores as well as from Sephora. Mine was a gift from a friend.


  1. Yummy, I want that! The eggplant looks delectable.

  2. Hi Gaia,
    I have this quad and I love it. I've read many negative comments about this quad, but I agree with all you said about this quad, the pigmentation is buildable but a primer makes the difference.


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