Sunday, June 14, 2009

Le Metier de Beaute Eye Shadow

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My first encounter with Le Metier de Beaute eye shadows was at Bergdorf, where I got to play with the Violaceous Splendor Kaleidoscope Eye Kit. I was quite impressed with the pigment saturation, the texture and the ease of blending, but the color themselves, black, orange, rich rose and a red violet were just too much for me. Lucky for me, I was later sent a couple of examples of Le Metier de Beaute's subtler side, so I could really test and enjoy the eye shadows.

Naked is exactly what it sounds like. A matte skin tone that works as a base shadow and gives some highlighting under the brow bone. Unlike many similar colors from other brands (I have a long gripe with Bobbi Brown's Bone for this very reason), it actually shows up on my skin just enough to provide both a little highlighting (minimal. It's very natural looking) and an excellent base that blends with other eye shadow colors for a flawless look. I've used it with several favorite eye shadows from Chanel, Dior and Laura Mercier, all with excellent results.

Thunder is a gorgeous shimmer charcoal with quite a bit of black undertones and silvery flecks. It's as pigmented as it gets and created a super-glam evening look. With or without a primer, it lasts the whole night without creasing or flaking, works well for lining and if you're into the smoky eye look, it would do the work beautifully.

These Le Metier de Beaute eye shadows have a very fine, luxurious texture which I absolutely love. Wishing for a daytime look, I bought Sequoia, a neutral matte brown that works with many other colors I already own and looks very sleek without any drama. I'm now eyeing one of the green Kaleidoscope kits, because they are so exquisite and if one is going to do a green eye shadow, she might as well go for the best...

Le Metier de Beaute eye shadows ($30 for a single pan, the four shadows Kaleidoscope is $95) are only available from Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, in store and online. The color swatches on the websites (including the company's) are utterly useless. They do not reflect the color and you can't tell if something is matte, satin or shimmer. Very annoying. I purchased one shadow online from Neiman's after I got two as a PR freebie.


  1. The packaging looks nifty! I guess with makeup the concept with "painting" is always popular, which makes sense in a way (makeup junkies being closeted artists in several cases)

    Hope you're well!

  2. lady jane greyJune 15, 2009 4:25 PM

    I've seen LMdB at Liberty in London last week and was happy about their tiny nail polishes. I've never in my life managed to use up a regular size nail lacquer and always end up throwing them out dried out and half full...
    Their tiny bottles give me the possibility to buy different colours : their gold is gorgeous, true liquid gold. "Terra nostra" is smooth pale brown, and "Phlox" is a lightly dusky rose.

  3. I love the packaging on these shadows! (I've been going nuts for colors lately, so I'm pretty excited to hear that the color saturation is so bright.) These are definitely things I shall have to pick up.

  4. E., the packaging is really wonderful. I also have the lip kaleidoscope in the metallic case and it's just as gorgeous.

  5. Lady Jane, I think I know what my next nail polish purchase is going to be...

  6. Mela, these are utterly addictive. I'm plotting more shopping as we speak...

  7. OK - I agree with the comment that the eye shadow colors listed online are completely misleading! I purchased River Stone online and it actually looks like reddish-clay in color. Has anyone tried their concealer and eye brightening powder?

  8. Hey Anonymous (and anyone else who is interested!)-
    I have tried the Eye Brightening and Setting powder and LOVE it. It works a bit like a powder version of YSL's Touche Eclat by doing a little concealing and brightening of the eye area. Also makes a great primer on the lid.
    I have the concealer on the way!
    And I must add that the eye shadows I've tried are TO DIE FOR. So glowy and longlasting- a combination that is so hard to find.
    Thanks Gaia for your review, keep the great info coming!! I'd love to hear more about what eye shadow colors you're tried and liked. I have JoJo, Spicy, Tuscan Sunset, Water Sapphire, and the Galatea and Sunset Dunes (on the way) Kits. I think Thunder might be next, and I'm wondering about Platinum and Chameleon. :)


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