Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Edward Bess Lipstick And Lipgloss

I met Edward Bess at the counter carrying his name in Bergdorf Goodman. I was immediately taken with him, even before I got to test the makeup products. Truth be told, I wanted to take him home with me so he could go over my makeup cabinet, my wardrobe and shoes, edit everything and give me a makeover. Then we would have watched a movie, maybe The Philadelphia Story, sighed over Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart and attempted to guess the exact shade of Katharine Hepburn's red lipstick.

But enough with this fantasy.

Edward Bess is a talented young beauty entrepreneur, blessed with exquisite taste and eye for details, whose makeup line is sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman (and on his own web site). That should tell you something about the quality and luxurious feel of the products. The eye shadows deserve a separate post (once I decide I really need more perfect shimmery taupes) and I haven't tried the bronzer and face highlighter (yet), so today is all about the lip colors.

Testing the Ultra Slick lipsticks ($29) and Deep Shine glosses ($28) was the biggest thrill, but also the greatest disappointment. While the products are absolutely amazing- rich and beautiful pigments, perfect texture and superb lasting power, the current color range (10 lipsticks, 5 glosses) just doesn't work for me. The "perfect reds" are not my reds- on my lips they both show with a disturbing shrill pink tone, and the rest are mostly way too light (resulting in a chalky look) or too brown. The best the SA and I managed to get was by layering the Dark Blossom gloss over the Deep Lust lipstick, which looked like a neutral milky brown rose, but it lacked something to make my face come alive.

On someone else with less pigmented lips and a completely different complexion, these colors would be amazing. I suspect blondes and redheads in particular would be thrilled with Edward Bess' creations. But there's good news for the rest of us: According to the SA, this fall will see some additional colors that include purple/berry tones. I can't wait.

Photo at the top is of the entire Edward Bess lip wardrobe ($400) which comes exquisitely packaged in the sleek black box. Please take note that the tiny color swatches on Edward's website (edwardbess.com) are NOT true to life. Everything is actualy a shade or two lighter.

For more on Edward Bess and his products, I highly recommend this post by Annie of Blogdorf Goodman. Reading the comments there is also quite amusing, and that's all I'm going to say about it.


  1. I agree that the quality of Edward Bess lipsticks are superb, however, the range of colors is lacking alot. Looking forward to some new colors for fall and he would be smart to broaded his "lipstick scope".

  2. Its ok I just wish some one had a NON STICKY gloss!


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