Friday, June 26, 2009

A note to the good people at Chantecaille

Dear Chantecaille People,

Having a spiffy new website is great. It gives us a sneak peak of new products, web exclusive- it's all good stuff. But don't you think that selling top-of-the line makeup requires color swatches that don't look like it's 1999? Seriously, Lancome, Clinique, Nars and others have figured out ages ago that people who shop online really like to see what they're buying. Your products are usually better than theirs, so why can't your website be? Otherwise we have to face the sour-pussed SA at Saks, and that makes us cranky.

P.S. The Bengali Tiger Compacts are to die for.

Gaia, The Non-Blonde



  1. I'm absolutely, totally, 100% with you on this, Gaia !!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no distributor for Chantecaille in Austria, so I have to get those lovely lipsticks via webside...

  2. I guess it would also be pretty nitpicky to point out that they misspelled both "smoky" and "obsidian," wouldn't it? Oh, well.


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