Monday, June 29, 2009

StrangeBeautiful Nail Polish- The Yellow Challenge

Previously on The Non-Blonde:
I fell in love with StrangeBeautiful nail colors and superb quality. My one complaint was about the concept- you cannot choose your colors and buy them seperately, and I wasn't sure all the colors in the series were wearable. To prove me wrong, StrangeBeautiful creator, Jane Schub., sent me the strangest color in Series 2, the mustard yellow.

I took the challenge, and must admit she was right. Once I got over the unfortunate associations of yellow nails, I could see this color is actually pretty. It's just a bit brighter than a good mustard and actually reminds me several bags and accessories we've been seeing the last couple of seasonsthis season. It's noticeable but not too loud, and worked nicely with the DVF prints I've been wearing the last few days.

The indoors photos were taken with and without flash, and I shamelessly used the cats to show the colors. Buffy and Lizzy were (mostly) cooperative.

All photos (and freakishly large hands) are mine.


  1. Beautiful nails, beautiful cats!!

  2. Beautiful nails? Yes. Beautiful cats? Yes. Beautiful color? Meh! I'm not convinced.


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