Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 30

The Good:
A finely milled powder with a slight yellow tone does double duty by giving the face a smooth finish while providing SPF 30 sun protection. It solves the problem for those of us who dislike starting our makeup with a heavy sunscreen cream, it allows us to re-apply and touch up without messing up our makeup. It's also very portable: the powder is housed inside the brush, so you you can take it with you everywhere.

The Bad:
Execution. The powder is sometimes a it reluctant to emerge from the brush. You need to tap several times and hope for the best. Other times there's a fine cloud of powder that gets everywhere. It's hard to tell how much you've actually applied and if everything is covered. Also, the brush sheds quite a bit.

The Verdict:
Despite the mechanic faults, the product itself performs great. It matches my skin and doesn't require too much buffing to look natural. I've been using it the last couple of weeks, applying to face and cleavage and have managed to completely avoid getting a tan.

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 30 ($30) is available from Sephora, Ulta and which is where I bought mine. There's also an SPF 45 version for those who need heavier protection.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I never noticed this product! In fact this is the first time I've come across a powdered sunscreen ever.


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