Wednesday, May 11, 2011

George Michael Is Back

You'll have to forgive me because I'm having a moment.

I had the biggest teenager crush on George Michael. I still have it somewhat, though usually it's without the marriage fantasies (I was inspired by the 1981 royal wedding, if you have to know). I'm so happy to see him looking healthy and clean and to hear he's back to work with plans for a new album and a tour (only Europe, as far as I know, though). George seems to be more confident and comfortable with himself, and that's a lot more sexy than the pretty boy of yore.

(But, oh, was he gorgeous!)

Photos of George Michael (at his press conference announcing details of a new tour at The Royal Opera House on May 11, 2011 in London) by Dave J. Hogan/Getty Images Europe via

Top photo from the Careless Whisper video clip, 1984.


  1. lady jane greyMay 11, 2011 3:16 PM

    I share the excitement : already ordered my tickets !

  2. Being a child of the 80's, I had a crush on both George and Andrew Ridgeley. I am happy to learn about a new George Michael album as I was a huge fan of the solo albums he has put out - I even went to his concert in '89.

    To this day, I love LOVE "Father Figure" and one of my favorite videos of all time is the oh so chic, "Freedom '90"

  3. I saw the top photo and knew instantly which video it was from. :)

    I also was a George fanatic. He's looking good in these recent photos. I think he's an immensely talented person who has just had too many personal demons to deal with, throughout his life. I've been hoping he would come back with a new album.

  4. Me too!!

    Nice to see him looking so excellent and healthy. He seems....really thin? But dapper and distinguished. Yay, George. :)

    PS: I had a cat in 1988 named George

  5. Gaia, I am with you - he is GEORGEous! Great singer, great componist, great lyrics and great dance songs - he is really a good one. I always had a crush on him (I know... ;-) ) and I hope I will see him someday live in concert. I know every of his songs by heart.
    Sigh *love*

  6. Wow, great suit :) Love his "Listen Without Prejudice" & "Older" albums!

  7. I wonder if my Mom wants to go with me.

    We saw him in the late 80's and he does put on one hell of a show!

    He was so hot.. then the crazy happened. But he is still a very good looking man.


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