Monday, May 02, 2011

Want: Alexandre Birman Wedge Sandals

This might place me in the Victoria Beckham school of shoe philosophy, but my second thought when I saw this pair of Alexandre Birman Indigo Python wedges was: "looks so comfy!" (the first one was "Pretty! Want"). Between the ample wedge, the platform and the wide straps that can hold even the wonkiest of ankles (mine) in place, these Alexandre Birman sandals look as easy to wear as they're chic. Yes, that's my idea of reasonable shoes.

Photo via Lyst.


  1. Hi Gaia,

    I love the color!!! Off the shoe topic a bit, are you planning to get the Dior summer eye palette rosy Tan and/or the Armani summer eye quad, Gaia? I am debating between the two, and I always respect your thoughts. Would love to know what you think if you plan on getting them. Thanks.


  2. Thank you, Daisy :)

    I don't plan on buying either one. Both are beautiful but I have more than enough colors very similar to the Armani one and simply can't justify it. I could probably say the same about Dior Rosy Tan, but it is gorgeous and I would have bought it if it weren't for two of the shades that were *too* rosy on my skin and not very flattering. So far I picked two summer palettes: Estee Lauder Island Oasis and Chanel Lillium. I love both of them very much. I'm also waiting for the promised NARS sets that were composed and edited to go withe Francois Nars' new book.

  3. Gaia,

    Thanks for your reply. I feel the same way about the pink in the Dior's Rosy Tan and hence the hesitation. I am new to eye makeup (I am 37 and didn't start until 2 years ago and I am hooked), so I am building my collections : ) I am tempted to get Chanel Lillium after reading your review. I should just go to a counter and play with it. I can't wait to hear what you think about the NARs collection. I am eyeing the Duo Dogon. Thanks for your blog! I really enjoy reading it.



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