Friday, May 13, 2011

Hakuhodo G544 Liquid Powder & Liquid Blush

Hakuhodo G544 is the first flat duo-fiber brush I’ve come across. All the duo-fibres in my collection are more or less variations on the stippling brush idea (Sephora Platinum 44, Guerlain duo-fiber foundation brush, MAC 187 and 130).  Hakuhodo G544 (from the G series) is a smallish paddle-shaped brush made of long synthetic  fibers and shorter goat hair. This brush is labeled as a liquid and cream foundation brush, which is not surprising as it’s a classic foundation brush shape.

The thing is that I’m not crazy about paddle-shaped brushes for foundation application. While Hakuhodo G544 fluffier and less streaky than most brushes of this type I still prefer to apply foundation either by buffing or stippling. However, the G544 has proven itself as a wonderful brush for cream blush and liquid highlighter. The different lengths of hair pick up less product than flat-top brushes, so this is ideal for dark and/or very pigmented cream blushes. The brush is very soft (though not floppy) and makes blending the blush a quick and easy process. When I use  liquid (or cream) highlighters on top of my foundation (I usually prefer to mix them together pre-application, but sometimes I forget), the brush blends and melds the textures together, so the highlighter never looks like it’s just sitting there being awkward and shiny.

Bottom Line: One of the better options out there.

Hakuhodo G544 ($30) is available online from

All photos are mine.


  1. This is the only brush I use for creme blush. It's wonderful.


  2. That is a *gorgeous* brush. I really need to try this brand.

  3. Adele, I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves this one. I also love the Mizubake.

  4. ZP, do try Hakuhodo. They have a huge selection of brushes for every task and formula. I'd suggest starting with something you already know you will use lot or filling a gap in your collection.

  5. I love the shape of that brush. It sounds perfect for cream application. I have a couple of more pigmented cream blushers and I find my usually habit of applying with fingers doesn't work as well with these. I'll have to see if I dare risk the UK Customs monsters with a purchase!

  6. do you have any recommendation for a Hakuhodo brush for powder blushes? I haven't found a brush yet that I am happy with.

  7. J.,this thing with UK Customs is just weird. I never had to think twice before ordering from Zuneta or Louise Young. I hope you can sneak in a couple of good orders.

  8. Evelyn, there are several excellent options (and I'm going to review them one by one), but the one that never fails is the Yachio. Hakuhodo has them in three sizes and two shapes (pointed and slightly domed), all are wonderful.

  9. I'll look forward to more reviews and check out those brushes too. :)



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