Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Enjoy your memorial day, be joyful, be thankful.

Photo of WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots) during WWII from


  1. Great photo that you rarely see! I'll be remembering all those around the world who have lost their lives in or served in war.

  2. And to you as well, Gaia! & I LOVE the pic you chose!

    Z :)

  3. Wonderful photo. My great Aunt, Marian, was a Sargent in the WACS during WWII. She recevied a metal, contracted Malaria (she was stationed in the Philippines just before the Japanese took over)and said it was the greatest adventure in her life. I have part of her uniform, the shirt. A Jewish girl joining the WACS during the WWII was rare indeed; she was always a brave person. So on this day my family remembers her( she lived well into her 80s, and family who gave their lives during war.
    Thank you Gaia, again for publishing the picture. Jane

  4. Great photo reminding us that women too took part in fighting to restore peace! Happy Memorial Day too!

  5. Thank you to all who commented, and especially to Jane for sharing the story of her great aunt. I was captivated by the photo and the way it captured the spirit of these women.


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