Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stella McCartney And Her Alexa Bag

While I'm not exactly taken with either of the looks Stella McCartney has been sporting this week in London- neither the awkward cleavage nor the fugly denim dress is what I consider a flattering look- her purse caught my eye. Stella McCartney is carrying the Alexa woven faux-leather shoulder bag from her own collection ($1595 at net-a-porter). The Alexa also comes a square tote and a clutch, both are pretty interesting looking, but it's this shoulder bag with its 70s feel that's most appealing.

Photos of Stella McCartney by Bauer Griffin via Zimbio.
Stella McCartney Alexa bag from net-a-porter.com


  1. Why would anyone pay $1600 for a faux-leather bag?

  2. Anonymous-my thoughts exactly!!!

  3. I was going to paraphrase "Working Girl?

    $1600? It's not even leh-thuh!

  4. ..."awkward cleavage" so hilarious! So true. I was stuck on that photo for an inappropriate length of time before scrolling down the page. I kept thinking, "why?". Oh, Stella, no one wants to see that squished white boob being paraded down the street. But, when I scrolled down to the next picture and saw the blue sack dress, it made the "awkward cleavage" look almost pretty. Oh, well, the sandals are cute.


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