Monday, May 23, 2011

Louise Young LY07 Super Powder Brush

I'm probably giving the impression that all Louise Young makeup brushes are humongous. That's not really the case in general and I promise that when I review some of her eye brushes you'll see not everything is supersized. Actually, Louise Young also has several traditional face brushes (LY03, LY04, LY05), it was simply my choice to get the biggest ones, the "Super" brushes because most of the brushes in my collection were not going to double as my ride.

Louise Young LY07 Super Powder Brush is the biggest straightforward powder brush I have other than NARS Botan, but the latter is a round Kabuki brush that's soft enough to function as a finishing brush and dense enough to buff powder and do away with any harsh edges and demarcation lines. NARS Botan is also has a fully round head, so the brushes are not really comparable. What you see in the photo above is the only other face brush I have that's on the same scale as Louise Young LY07, and that's Hakuhodo Kokutan E0173 Finishing Brush LAG. The Hakuhodo head dimensions are approximately 2"x 1.5"x 1.33". LY07 is of similar proportions, except being more than twice as thick.

With size out of the way, we can talk about the actual performance of Louise Young LY07 Super Powder Brush. I love using it for loose powder- it picks and holds a good amount and applies it evenly in a very thin and light way. The full round head of the brush ensures that there's no heavy dispensing of powder in one spot and the size of the brush allows you to cover the entire face in few brush strokes, thus being rather fool-proof and preventing over-powdering.

The brush is dense but quite soft and pliable that it conforms to the curves of one's face. The LY07 is not meant for use when all you want is to powder the T-zone or only the tip of the nose, but for a professional matte look of the entire face.

Now, before any misconceptions are formed here, Louise Young LY07 Super Powder Brush is only comparable to the Hakuhodo finishing brush you see above in terms of size. The LY07 is a great brush that performs beautifully, doesn't shed or bleed and is a great tool, but it's nowhere near the Hakuhodo brush in terms of softness. I use the Hakuhodo E0173 once all my makeup, including powder, is in place for a luxurious finish. It's an extra step and an extra brush, not an essential but it elevates makeup application to the highest level (not to mention the soft feeling is makeup nirvana). LY07 is an excellent option for those of us who want a thin and even full-face powdering.

My one complaint? The LY07 is too large to fit into a Guerlain Meteorite pearl canister. I'm sure it'd be a good brush for them.

Bottom Line: Super(b).

Louise Young LY07 Super Powder Brush (£36.00) is available on International shipping is available, waiting time for arrival in the East Coast is about 10-12 business days.

All photos are mine.


  1. I have been dying to try out these LY Brushes! How do they compare to MACl? Are they worth the investment?

  2. Now that you brought it up, what is a good brush for the Meteorites (assuming one doesn't want to buy the Guerlain brush)?

  3. N., I'm not a MAC expert and only own a handful of their brushes (not my favorites). I'd say several of Louise Young's brushes are nearly as good as you get.

  4. Evelyn, I'm still trying to find *the one*. I own the Guerlain brush but it's not a must-have. It'll be worth a post once I figure it out.


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