Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blusher Brush 002

Because one can't have too many excellent brush brushes.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blusher Brush 002 is every bit as excellent as this makeup line has taught us to expect. Soft natural hair, sturdy beautiful handle, strong ferule and perfect proportions for most powder blushes, including those that need some building up. The brush is thick and dense with  just the right amount of flexibility for quick and easy blending.

Normal people who only use a handful of blushes and require a minimal number of brushes should consider Rouge Bunny Rouge Blusher Brush 002 as an investment*. It's effective and exquisite, feels wonderful on the skin and would be an excellent go-to brush.

As you can see, the closest brush to the Rouge Bunny Rouge in head size and shape (and also performance) is the Le Metier de Beaute blush brush. Those of you overseas where LMdB is unavailable at the moment will find 002 to be a great alternative, since Zuneta ships worldwide.

Bottom Line: Worth the price.

* We're a couple of blush brush reviews away from a "Top Blush Brushes" post. Stay tuned!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blusher Brush 002 (about $72 in the current exchange rate) is available from


  1. Your brush collection astounds me. I feel like such a rube for having so few brushes! I've been fortifying my collection, but I have to say you take the cake for the most comprehensive, well-rounded collection out there.

    Thank you for the review! I can't wait for your "Top 10"!

  2. I had this blush brush on my wishlist and then forgot about it for a while and now it's back on. Thank you for such great reviews, I'm really looking forward to your Best Brushes posts.


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