Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bobbi Brown Eye Contour and Eye Sweep Brushes

Bobbi Brown is having a (pretty rare) Friends & Family sale online (20% off and free shipping when spending $65 or more, no code necessary). This is a good time to review a couple of Bobbi's makeup brushes, as these sales are the best time to invest in good tools that will serve you for years to come.

 I've had the Eye Contour brush for about ten years, give or take a few months. I was drawn to it because it was  unusually large and angled- it had the feel of a truly professional brush, even if I wasn't quite sure how to make the most of it. Bobbi Brown has since redesigned the eye contour brush- the handle is a little shorter and the head is now more  squat. It's still a good tool for deep set eyes, as it's soft, dense and covers the lid up to the crease with an even wash of color. It's too big even for my crease, though, and is mostly useless for any precise or detailed work.

Bottom Line: Interesting brush but not an essential.

Bobbi Brown's Eye Sweep brush is a very different story. The round and full head is super soft (much more so than the contour brush) and is the perfect size and wonderfully comfortable. Again, it's not a detail brush, but it does a perfect job creating the base of the eye look and/or highlighting the brow bone (again- especially when you have a large area to cover). It feels lovely on skin and always picks the right amount of product. The eye Sweep brush is one of my most used and I always pack it in my brush roll when I travel. It's excellent and always reliable, no matter what kind of look I'm creating.

Here is a photo of the Eye Sweep brush (the darker one on the right) next to another favorite, Sephora Professional Large Shader #21 (black handle). The Sephora is flatter, shorter and not as soft. It performs similar tasks and I use it mostly when I want a more sheer base than the one Bobbi gives me. It's not a duplicate brush and not as well made, but might be a better alternative if you need a smaller tool.

Bobbi Brown Eye Contour ($28) and Eye Sweep ($30) brushes are available from most department stores and bobbibrowncosmetics.com.

All photos are mine, with the help of Peter The Gray and Kosh.


  1. Thanks for this - trying to figure out what to get since I normally never buy anything from BB. Maybe a brush and the Caviar Ink gel liner?

  2. Thanks for the review-I was seriously considering both brushes. Instead I ordered BB's ultra-fine eyeliner brush. I already own the original eyeliner brush & I'm hoping the ultra-fine one produces a much thinner line.


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