Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bobbi Brown Intense Pigment Liner in Black Plum - Fall 2015 Greige Collection

The Greige collection by Bobbi Brown for fall 2015 is quite extensive. There's an eight color eye palette, two lipsticks, two shadow sticks, and a completely new product in three color versions: Intense Pigment Liner. I can tell you that I skipped all the other items. Frankly, at this point it'll take Bobbi Brown herself to do my makeup and prove to me that she fixed all that was wrong in her eye shadows from the last five years . Until then I cannot be bothered. But a completely new eyeliner concept in interesting colors? Yes, please.

I picked Black Plum because my eyeliner collection doesn't need another blue or forest green. And Black Plum looked quite enticing. It's a cake liner in a compact that holds three different shades. In this case a dark gray, a rich aubergine, and an off-black. Cake liner often require a damp brush and/or an activator, but not here. Bobbi Brown's Intense Pigment Liner is meant to be used dry, as the powder is very dense and highly saturated. I did try using various liquids (above), but the result was a big mess that didn't do anything for the makeup. So, no. Go with a tiny eye detail brush, dip it carefully into the cake liner and draw your line. It's quick, easy to control, and looks precise and pretty without crumbling and smudging all over creation. An incredible surprise.

Bobbi Brown has released a limited edition brush to go with the Intense Pigment Liner, the Dual-Ended Eyeliner/Smoky Eyeliner brush. It's a great shape and I would have bought it on the spot were it not for its cost: $40 is too steep for a tiny synthetic brush when I have several others that can do the job just as well (everything from tightlining brushes to Bobbi's own older eyeliner brushes). I think that even Real Techniques has an adequate one.

The colors of Black Plum were not exactly what I expected, though I'm not complaining. The middle purple aubergine reads more brown on my skin (if you're very fair and decidedly cool toned you might see more of the purple), while the other two are so pigmented that there's little difference between the very dark gray and the not-quite-dark black, until you smoke and smudge the line as you apply it (it sets quickly, so work fast). I prefer using the Intense Pigment for a crisp(ish) line that's easy do even when I'm in a hurry and there's a cat on the dresser trying to help. Longevity is excellent, and unless you get caught in the tropical torrential rains of late august you can count on it to stay put throughout a work day.

Bottom Line: Best new Bobbi Brown product in ages.

Bobbi Brown Intense Pigment Liner in Black Plum ($36, made in USA) is a limited edition for Fall 2015 Greige Collection. Available at the counters and from

P.S. At a reader's request- here are the ingredients. Do note that it contains carmine.


  1. Now these sound perfect! Heading over to buy....

  2. These do sound interesting and I'll admit to falling out of love with BB products of late. Perhaps this will entice me back in.
    It wouldn't be bad if these came in other colors - I'd take a looksie for sure!

  3. Oh thank you! Might you be able to put up a picture of the ingredients from the box pretty please?

  4. How I wished I noted your feelings on the BB eyeshadows .... I bought 2 and I am not happy. The fallout and the colour.. Mmmmm.

  5. I wished I read about the eyeshadows.... I have two bought in the last month and the fallout - just so dusty and they don't last either. Soooo expensive where I live too - Rrrrr.

  6. WOW! The shade on the far right looks like a deep, rich purple on the NM website! Talk about false advertising!

  7. Sorry for the double comment ! My computer is .... hell ... its like a BB shadow - does not work at times! LOL

  8. I'm not a big Bobbi fan as I used to be since her shadows don't impress me but 2 things she released that I loved was her serum foundation and the shadow stick from this collection Greige is GORGEOUS. The most beautiful color if you can take a look it's a must have


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