Thursday, August 13, 2015

Kiko Milano Eye Shadows 111, 122, 172

This was the less successful part of my Kiko Milano order last month. My previous experience with Kiko single eye shadows was beyond fabulous. The limited edition Cool Touch line (why didn't I buy every single color?) as well as the luxurious Infinity Eye Shadow were a smashing success. But for $1.90 a pop (regular price $6.00) I had to check these out.

Kiko's basic  eye shadow formula seems to be harder and less pigmented than their other ranges. They're workable, but not exactly a joy, and the finish of the pearly ones is a bit uneven. The colors I bought were 111 Dark Pearly Emerald (not as dark or rich as I expected), 122 Matte Beaver Brown (medium, kind of taupy brown that should have been much more intense), and 172 Macropearly Gray, an unconvincing and somewhat gritty sheer pewter. The eye shadow cases look cheap and very drugstore-like (compare to the beautiful Infinity Eye Shadow), and the whole experience was rather meh.

Bottom Line: I paid $5.70 so you don't have to.

 Kiko Milano Eye Shadows ($6, currently on sale for $1,90, made in Italy) are available from and at  the brand's fast-spreading retail locations.

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  1. Hi Gaia,
    I was enabled by your sale alert and ordered some for myself. I'm pretty happy with everything (especially with the Long Lasting Stick), but I have to agree with you that the single eyeshadow is underwhelming (I got the macropearly lilac for myself). Mine works quite nicely just to blend out a deep cream eyeshadow without adding too much color, and I still think it is better than Revlon or Maybelline singles. :)


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