Monday, August 17, 2015

Makeup Storage Idea: Vintage Letter Racks & Toast Racks

I know that many of you keep your larger palettes in various document organizers you can buy in office supply stores (and Amazon). It's very efficient for items such as the Naked palettes or those massive MAC ones. But what about smallish/narrow width items?  Here's an idea: vintage toast racks or dainty paper holders like the one above. I picked it at a local antique mall because I loved the unusual form and the patina the old silver-plated rack has gained over the years. This one is fairly small and thin. The thickest compact that fits it is a MAC quad. Since I took the photo I added a single NARS eye shadow in the smallest slot at the front (it was a good reminder to use Lhasa more often). I'll be searching other antique stores for more (eBay is also a good source).

Do you use any vintage or antique bits and pieces to store your makeup?


  1. I use my great-grandmother's silver creamer and sugar canister to hold brushes and cotton balls. I'm glad I found a way to use and enjoy these family pieces every day. -EM

  2. I sold a toast rack before I knew what it was. I thought it was a letter holder.


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