Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dior Rouge Continental 753 Fall 2015

I've shown an incredible restraint so far by only picking one item from the Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Collection. I could have easily gone for about half the color products, since so many of them are exactly what I love. But I decided to stick with just one, and it had to be this Dior Rouge lipstick in #753 Continental.

HAD TO. And several of my friends made me do it.

This limited edition color is a perfect berry-rose (or plummy rose?), that goes from day to night and is always just right. The formula is creamy, opaque, and incredibly comfortable (contains hyaluronic acid), and the finish is my favorite kind of satin: no shine, but decidedly not matte, either. It's a classic, and this particular shade is the kind I can wear day in and day out, making it my default color for the season.

Wear-time is as you might expect from a creamy lip color. Once set transferring is minimal, but it won't survive a full meal beyond a stain (a very nice one, actually), but who doesn't like to grab a Dior lipstick and reapply? It's lovely, and when applied with a liner and brush the lipstick creates the most perfectly polished look. You can also blot it to a minimal stain, if that's your thing, but I'm dreaming of a Parisian fall, so I love going all the way with it. Dior Rouge is lightly scented (the typical vague violetty Dior makeup scent) but has no discernible flavor.

Bottom Line: La vie en rose.

Dior Rouge Continental 753 ($35, made in France)  for Fall 2015 is a limited edition lipstick, part of the Cosmopolite collection. It's available at the counters and from dior.com.


  1. Its coming into spring in my neck of the woods but I have written the name and number down -- Me Want!!!

  2. I will get this right now and just dream of the fall.

  3. The magic words "berry rose or plummy rose!" Now I have to see this for myself. :)

  4. I bought this. It looks like I am not wearing any lipstick. Not nude. But makes my lips look more coloured.
    I always bumpy brights and reds. I never buy something that doesn't so how on my lips. But this looks so lovely.
    I think I am going to get an extra one. It is that good.

    1. iPad corrections are horrid. I always buy brights and reds. I never buy something that doesn't show on my lips. I miss Fig so much. Wish that colour returned.

  5. I am a complete sucker for the packaging. It looks so freaking lux and the colour? YUMMY!
    Sadly I need more heavy duty lipstick but I bet this would make an excellent gift.
    Portia xx

  6. I purchased this (unseen) a week or two ago thinking it would be a sort of sophisticated MLBB berry rose, but instead it's quite vibrant on me (relatively fair/yellowish skin). Definitely makes a statement: a lovely one, tho it was a bit of a surprise. So its character seems to vary somewhat dramatically based on minor shifts in skin tone. (Not complaining! It's lovely. Just noticing.)


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