Thursday, August 06, 2015

Cargo- Gel Lip Color (Limited Edition)- Brooklyn & Soho

Cargo has slipped off my radar since the brand departed Sephora. The products are now sold at Nordstrom, but not at my local store, and I admit that I haven't given them much thought when shopping online until these two gel lipsticks were sent to me. They're limited edition and come in this cute NYC skyline packaging (cardboard, unfortunately, which means that the white background does not survive well inside a makeup bag).

The formula is what you'd expect from a gel, but with extra pigment so these Cargo lipsticks aren't too sheer.  The level of slip is just right for my taste, though probably not for a scorching humid day on the streets of NYC, longevity is decent but it quickly transfers to your water bottle, the formula is rich and comfortable and there's no detectable fragrance. They're also gluten-free.

The colors I was sent are Brooklyn and Soho, and I had to double and triple check the labels because they look nothing like they seem online. Brooklyn is a warm orange brown while Soho is a rosy nude that leas pink on me. These are everyday colors, simple and easy to wear with just about everything. I don't know what makes them more New York than any other lipstick (there are two more colors in this range, Tribeca and Chelsea), and to me they have a beachy quality that makes them perfect for summer (Brighton Beach?).

I will say this: despite the overall cuteness of these Cargo lipsticks, I think that considering the cheap packaging and the fact that they're made in China, the $20 price tag is inflated.

Cargo- Gel Lip Color (Limited Edition)- Brooklyn & Soho ($20 each, made in China) are available from Nordstrom (online, at least) and The products for these review were sent by PR.


  1. Wow $20 while something costing less than half by Milani is made in the US. Cargo I can find in some of the fancier Duane Reades in Manhattan but the brand doesn't really catch my eye.

  2. I know you don't do this, but I wish I could see swatches on actual lips. The arm just doesn't represent what it will look like on the lips...


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