Monday, October 04, 2010

Burberry Midnight Blue (04) Eye Definer Eye Shaping Pencil

Since I'm obviously in denial about the holidays, holiday makeup collections and the existence of December, I thought I'd talk about items from permanent lines and maybe some unsung heroes. Like this one. Of course, I have several reviews brewing for more Burberry Beauty gorgeousness, but since the eyeliner pencils have yet to get much attention I figured it's a good place to start.

When I went shopping at Nordstrom in late August, an eyeliner pencil was not high on my list. But the Burberry rep who did my makeup used their Eye Definer in #04, Midnight Blue, and I loved the way it looked, especially coordinated with the subtle beige and taupe eye shadows from their line. I'm always surprised when hearing people with brown eyes who are afraid of blue. Yes, I also remember that late 1970s/early 1980s "rule" about brown makeup for brown eyes and blue for blue eyes, but it's wrong. There's nothing like a little blue cautiously applied to make brown eyes pop. And Burberry's Midnight Blue is the perfect color for that.

This pencil has a slight iridescent finish- not quite metallic and not obviously shiny, just a little light-reflecting. The texture is average, not very creamy and  application might involve some tugging or skin-pulling. It's my biggest pet peeve about the pencils from some high-end brands. Paying nearly $30 to feel like I stabbed myself in the eye is not my idea of a good beauty moment. Burberry is not the worst I've had, and I can make it work because I love the color, but the quality is not quite there (longevity is, so that's something).

Bottom Line: We deserve better.

Burberry Eye Definer Pencil ($27) in Midnight blue and other colors can be found at Nordstrom, online and in select stores.


  1. Hi Gaia,

    This liner is very pretty!

    Regardless, I think that there is nothing like black/silver color to make brown eyes pop, especially dark brown, hazel eyes look pretty with a hint of purple.
    Personally, i find blue eyeshadows/eyeliner problematic for myself, though my eyes are brown, because blue doesn't suite me in general, not in make up and not in clothes, so, i just avoid it.

  2. I am constantly (and pleasantly) surprised by this line. I still want the blossom blush, rosewood e/s and another lipstick/gloss. I keep hearing good things about the foundation, too.

  3. Very pretty! I have the plum one & really like it :)

  4. Brown-eyed girl here! I absolutely agree that the blue is complimentary to brown eyes, although my preference is to apply right over the lash lines to set off that contrast.


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