Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Burberry Midnight Brown (21) Sheer Eye Shadow

Yes, I know that I'm exactly one year behind since Burberry released their Midnight Brown (#21) eye shadow last fall. Back then I was grumbling crankily that I didn't need another taupe/brown/neutral Burberry eye shadow and refused to engage in the hype and fuss. Silly me.

It took me long months but eventually I succumbed. The combination of Burberry's texture perfection and the complexity of the shade are incomparable even in a pretty well-rounded makeup collection. The photos were taken at different angles to show you the color under direct and indirect natural light and I hope you can see the richness and sophistication. Burberry's Midnight Brown is gorgeous, it plays well with other beloved eye shadows and with navy blue eyeliner, but also it's the perfect shade for a minimalist look when you have no time or patience to do much more than patting a little color on your lid and go.

Being me, I've also experimenting with mixing and customizing Midnight Brown. I Blended it with LMdB Corinthian to make it a bit more silvery, added a touch of khaki and plum shades- it works, making this Burberry eye shadow an incredible base  and starting point for various look. I'd say it's a must-have both for a makeup minimalist and for the indulgent user.

Bottom Line: I wish I got Midnight Brown as soon as it came out.

Burberry Midnight Brown (21) Sheer Eye Shadow ($29) is available from select Nordstrom and Saks locations as well as online.


  1. Stunning colour. A really rich brown. I have been lusting after Burberry makeup for the past few months. I just wish a store near me sold it so I could swatch some items.

  2. I love this too. Burberry makes such nice classic colors!

  3. What a beautiful taupe! I must head down to Nordies to give this a whirl.

  4. Awesome color... gotta try this product out as I've been looking for a brown shade like this.

    Thx for sharing!


  5. I just purchased the Midnight Brown shadow and Midnight Ash liner today. The texture of the shadow is absolutely gorgeous, it's so silky. I find that the colors combined create a very beautiful retro smokey eye look.


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