Thursday, October 14, 2010

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow 03 Porcelain

During the first weeks after Burberry Beauty was launched it looked like everyone was choosing either Trench (02) or Gold Trench (04) as a base/brow bone color. I tried both and liked them well enough, but my true match was Porcelain (03). It's that perfect neutral- not too pink, not too yellow. Porcelain is not really a highlighter but it's light enough to open up the eye area and make one look awake.

The real story about Burberry eye shadows (other than the sleek metallic packaging and the Burberry check pattern embossed on the velveteen pouch that comes with each one) is the texture. It's wonderfully soft and luxurious and feels almost creamy. The formula is easy to apply and blend no matter which eye shadow brush I tested with it. The satiny finish and color integrity last throughout the day and look just as fresh 12 hours later over a primer (so far I've used it over Kanebo Sensai, Urban Decay Primer Potion and something or other from Smashbox).

I've been Porcelain with Burberry Taupe Brown (photos and reviews coming soon) as well as with darker eye shadows from other brands (mostly Chanel and Guerlain) with great success. It really is a good base color.

The Burberry rep at my local Nordstrom used the brand's makeup brushes when she did my makeup. She said they will be offered for sale around the holidays, which means quite soon. I liked the look and feel of them- they seemed more practical than the face brush with the square handle which is the only one released so far.

Bottom Line: I see more colors in my future.

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow ($29) is available exclusively at Nordstrom in store and online (as long as one is willing to deal with the stupid website).

All photos by me.


  1. I want it!!!!! I think that "porcelian" would be a good shade for me too!!!

  2. Their eyeshadow in Rosewood is a lovely, satiny-smooth light taupe color. It has a slight sheen, almost a luminescence. I usually like very pigmented eyeshadows, but for natural, low-key, classic looks, it's absolutely beautiful.

    I've been eyeing Taupe Brown for a while as well. I will wait for your review.


  3. I just bought Rosewood yesterday and I love it. I amazed at the amount color I get because I have a warmer skintone. i am currently testing their sheer foundation. I found a few skin flareups but I am hoping for the best in a few days. I'm just happy I found a shade that matches me seamlessly. I do plan on going back for the Gold Trench shadow and the Blossom blush. Rosewood lipstick is really a universally appealing shade - I find it more universally flattering than Rouge Coco Mademoiselle. Yes, I'm a big fan of the Burberry line and it's a good thing it's not carried at the Nordstrom nearest to me or I'd be in BIG trouble!!


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