Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tom Ford Moroccan Rouge Private Blend Lip Color

Like many of us, I'm eagerly waiting for the new Tom Ford beauty collection that is about to launch in September. In the meantime, the twelve Private Blend lipsticks that started it all are still available from most top department stores (there were contradicting statements about their fate); they're worth your time . I already reviewed Bruised Plum, one of my go-to colors, so today we're looking at my other favorite, Moroccan Rouge.

It's one of those perfect berry-plum shades that are not too red or too purple, add life to my face and always look flattering. It's slightly less dramatic than Bruised Plum, as the shade has a little more pink than purple. Still, if you're very fair the result is going to be a bit vampy. This is a full coverage lipstick that's pretty much true to the tube even on pigmented lips. The texture is creamy and the finish is smooth and satin-like. Tom Ford's lipstick look like luxury products from the heavy packaging to the color, finish and the way they feel on the lips. The quality, wear and lasting power are all superb, but what distinguish Tom Ford's lipsticks from other upscale products are the colors- they're absolutely stunning.

It's no secret that Tom Ford products are manufactured by Estee Lauder. As such, the price point is more than a little annoying. The thing is that I have the hardest time finding flattering Estee Lauder lipstick colors, no matter how much I appreciate the brand and the formula. Thus, I only have one Estee Lauder lipstick in my current rotation, a limited edition cherry red from a couple of years ago.The color of Moroccan Rouge had me at "hello".

Bottom Line: worth it.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color lipsticks ($45) are available from Bergdorf, Neiman, Saks, Nordstrom and Tom Ford boutiques around the worls.


  1. Those are beautiful. I have been curious about his lipsticks.

  2. I've been curious, too, and those colors are right up my alley. So far I have been able to resist, but those tubes look incredibly luxe.

  3. A good plum seems so hard to find lately. Thank you so much for reviewing this one. Plum is one of the few colors that brighten my face and make me feel wonderful just knowing it's on my face :-)The smoothness that lippe has is amazing!


  4. I have pure pink and love it for a summery pink. I'm also regularly ogling cherry lush and moroccan rouge. Looking forward to the new beauty collection in September.

  5. I have this shade as well. I would wear it more if it didn't make my lips peel like hell the next morning. Oh well, at least I can just stare at the pretty white tube!

    It is a gorgeous color!

  6. Thanks to you a purchased Moriccan Rouge online. I couldn't have done that with confidence had your review and swatches not been stellar. The lipstick arrived yesterday. The color is sublime. I wore it today and several complimentary collegues inquired about my lipstick. Thanks so much! This will be my fall color!


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