Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush

A couple of months ago I held an open thread about makeup brushes and one reader commented that the Luxury Eye Brush from Edward Bess' line is so good it makes a drugstore eye shadow look like a million dollar. I know what she meant. The thickness, density and shape of this brush coerces even the most questionably-textured eye shadows (Lancome, in my case) to spread and apply evenly. It's excellent for smooth blending that looks professional and for doing a wash of color over the lid.

This brush is made of natural bristles, so it's intended for powder eye shadows. It's as soft as they come and feels great against delicate skin in the eye area. The thick and round head is too big for contouring or for delicate crease work, so I'd be delighted if Edward Bess comes up with a second eye brush in a smaller size/tapered shape. But since no brush can do it all, the Luxury Eye Brush is among the most fabulous options out there. It comes in a sleek and sturdy box, making it a great gift idea (and easy to wrap!). Just keep it out of your pets reach- my Josephine was quite certain it's a small furry animal that should come and play with her.

Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush ($40) is available from Bergdorf Goodman in store and online, select Neiman Marcus locations as well as their online store and

All photos and kittens are mine.


  1. Must have...the brush...I have my own kittens, although yours are mighty cute!

  2. I got this brush as a gift with purchase when I ordered the Private Eyes collection and not a day goes by that I don't reach for it. It's the first brush I pick up to apply lid or all over color and it's the last brush I use to smooth out any rough edges I might have between colors. I've heard Edward talk about keeping things streamlined and not needing a lot of tools, but a crease brush of the same incredible quality as his other two brushes would be a real boon.

  3. I think I *need* this in my life after seeing lots of posts on this brush. Ugh, why do I read these posts? Thanks for tempting me further.

  4. HDtM, I think everyone needs this brush. Honestly, I got so many of my friends to fall in love with it. No one has regretted the purchase. I actually have two, because it's *that* useful.


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