Monday, June 04, 2018

FotD: Dewy Skin, Stained Lips

Looking at the pictures now I see that they have an autumnal vibe, mostly because of the vintage necklace I chose and the black top.  Around here black is often a default,  though I often stand out for actually choosing a print . Not this time, hough, and the autumn leaf necklace made sense because of the dark green eyeliner I was wearing. Off season or not, it's supposed to be a light and dewy look with a punch of color and little to no drama. It's not a product-specific look, though of course I'm listing everything I used.

Niod Photography Fluid Opacity 12%. I love the smooth canvas it creates but at this point I know I should never use it more than two consecutive days because on the third day I'll get a reaction inthe form of red bumps. It goes away after a night of BHA, but why even go there? Limited use is fine, though, and it is a beautiful primer.
It Cosmetics Illuminating CC Cream. I used the thinnest layer and kept most of it where I needed the coverage. There's definitely some flashback in the second photo, but it was meant to perform off-camera, and it did.
It Cosmetics Airbrush CC+ Perfecting Powder. I have it as part of the Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette, and to be honest I'm not sure it does all that much for me. Maybe I just prefer loose powders or NARS or whatever.

It was the last dregs of Edward Bess Illuminating Eye Base in Dune. I finished both Dune and Cashmere in the last few weeks, and will probably repurchase at some point after I use up more eye primers and eye primer samples. One EB eye base or another has always been in my collection since they launched.
Edward Bess single eye shadows in Nude, Intimate, and Mystery, plus the brown shade on the upper left of L'Oreal Colour Riche Pocket Palette #108 (Bleu Nuit). The Edward Bess singles are discontinued, but they're essentially basic neutrals so if you have any of his newer eye palettes they should work just as well. I didn't do anything special so any combination of medium to light neutrals can do the same thing as long as you use something light-reflecting on the inner third of the mobile lid.
Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner in 104 Dark Slate Green. It's very very dark, kind of a "black alternative" and brings just a hint of something extra to an otherwise standard neutral eye. These $9 Kiko eyeliners have fantastic longevity and they don't lose their vibrancy during the day.
Clinique mascaras: High Impact and Lower Lash mascara.

Clinique Just Browsing in 03 Deep Brown.
Tony Moly Auto Eye Brow in 02.
I used both with a very light hand. In hindsight I should have gone heavier. This look can definitely take more.

Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Bed of Roses
Edward Bess All Over Seduction highlighter in Sunlight. I think it's considered a classic at this point, and with a good reason.

Edward Bess Defining Lip Liner in Natural. I used it to fill in the lips to create a base more than to define the perimeter.
Edward Bess lipstick in Betty (limited edition, discontinued) which I applied, blotted, reapplied, and blotted again until it was mostly a weightless stain. You can use any red, berry, or red berry in this way which is quite effective when there's a meal involved and you want to avoid being left with a ring of color around the lips. A natural liner keeps things in place without calling attention to itself, and a blotted down stain remains mostly intact unless confronted by an oily salad dressing.

Other Stuff
SotD: Edward Bess Spanish Veil
Top: Kenneth Cole (from many seasons ago. It's draped and tied with an annoying rope-like belt that I have to make sure is well-secured to avoid a first degree wardrobe malfunction).
Necklace: vintage Givenchy. A favorite eBay find.

Just to make it clear, especially if you're new here, this post was not sponsored by anyone. I don't do sponsored posts, and have no business relationship with brands, stores, websites, or the British royal family. While I know Edward Bess personally it's not like he's going to bring back the single eye shadow range or create a blue eye shadow just because I want him to.


  1. Edward Bess has lovely products. I love the All Over Seduction highlighters. I bought the trio and use them all the time. His glosses are some of my favorites as well.

  2. Beautiful soft subtle look on you. And the necklace! Sheer perfection, both.

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