Friday, June 11, 2010

Edward Bess & Chanel Natural Lip Definers

We all know that the secret to a truly polished lipstick application is using a lip liner. The right liner, that is. It's even more crucial now when full coverage lipsticks are back big time, and even light and nude color lipstick have a more grownup and sophisticated finish. The trick is to find good lip liners that will not be obvious or visible. It used to be much harder. For some reason, nude colors were often unnatural looking with too much beige, brown or even orange. I kept a specimen or two of this trend from the mid-nineties until our recent move, and was always amazed to see these colors were ever considered "natural". I don't know about you, but I've never come across a person with a natural orange pigment in their lips.

Thankfully, we've all learned a thing or two since then. I've shown several pink-based favorites in the past, so today I'm tackling two warmer options by Chanel and Edward Bess.

Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Mordore Nude (05) is not really a nude color, even by my darker than most standard. It's more of a muted warm(ish) red. It's a great base and liner for some of the Rouge Coco lipsticks and I use it occasionally with several bold red lipsticks because it is completely invisible under them. But if your lips are naturally pale I'd advise you to be very careful with this color.

Edward Bess Natural Defining Lip Stylo is as universal as such a product can be. There will always be someone whose coloring requires something completely different, but Edward Bess has managed to produce a natural nude with a very wide appeal here. His stylo pencil works with my lip color and I've seen it on two much paler faces, working well with several shades of Bess' own lipsticks. I use it often, especially when I'm rushing to do my makeup. It's a no hassle, no fuss color.

Both lip liners are of great quality. Firm enough to deliver precise results and creamy enough to glide comfortably and not pull the skin. They stay on with no bleeding or migrating, feel comfortable when used to fill the lip surface and provide excellent grab for whatever lip color you use over them.

Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Mordore Nude ($28) is available from and some Chanel counters. I got it as GWP late last year. Edward Bess Natural Defining Lip Stylo ($29) is exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman (where I bought it) and

All photos are mine.


  1. Hi Gaia, I don't know whether you've ever happened to see The Shiseido lipliner of their previous line Sepia on Ice #2, but this is THE most amazing nude/natural lip liner I've ever used. IT is perfect for medium-pale complexion and goes amazingly under any shade of lipstick-you simply don't see it. Not mentioning the amazing quality of this product. Now it is discontinued...

  2. i love your blog! and i love edward bess makeup line, i was fortunate enough to meet him in real persone, this guy is as sweet as anyone can be! right now am an addict to his nude satin gloss.


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