Thursday, September 22, 2011

Edward Bess Intimate Eye Shadow

 It's been a while since we had an Edward Bess appreciation day, so it's definitely time. Besides, I was reminded that I never reviewed his Ultra Luminous Eye Shadow in Intimate.

Intimate is a soft medium brown, warmer than Dusk but cooler than Mystery (and from Escape, which is the warmest and brownest of the line). It's one of those go-to basics that never ever fail, plays well with everything (try it with a Le Metier de Beaute blue color) , and can be the color for a no makeup look as well as the neutral base when going to town with a bold and bright accent.

The quality of Edward Bess eye shadows is legendary. I won't repeat myself, but will tell you that I consider it perfection. The exquisitely edited Edward Bess line is as good as it gets- Edward is a perfectionist and has one focus: making a woman look her very best in the most chic and classic way.

Bottom Line: a staple is an understatement.

Edward Bess eye shadows ($30 each) are available from Bergdorf Goodman, select Neiman Marcus locations as well as online, and from


  1. All three are gorgeous! I think Dusk matches your kitty the best =P

  2. Ahh I love them all. Will need to pick up a few ED shadows next time I'm ordering from Neiman Marcus.


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