Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Edward Bess All Over Seduction Cream Highlighter (Sunlight)

Highlighters require caution. When applied right they give you a subtle glow exactly where needed. Used irresponsibly they can make one look like a disco ball. Up until now I've always used powder highlighters because of the level of control they allow and the option to blend them with a finishing powder. But the SA at the Bergdorf Goodman Edward Bess counter showed me what their creamy All Over Seduction can do and how she blends it over or under other makeup items. The results were impressive and I was sold.

Sunlight is an almost sheer cream shimmer in a neutral shade. It doesn't add any noticeable color to my skin, which is exactly how I prefer it. It's subtle enough so I don't end up looking like I've raided Paris Hilton's makeup bag, but still packs enough glow. My preferred use for it is under a matte eye shadow and/or a demure blush. I also like a tiny dab in the inner corner of the eye when going out at night.

I use either my finger or a synthetic cream blush brush to apply the highlighter. The texture is featherlight and silky and I've had no issue with goop, gunk or clogged pores. All Over Seduction blends easily, is never sticky and doesn't make me look like overdone.

Bottom line: While a highlighter is not exactly an essential, if you are in the market for one it's hard to get any better than this.

Edward Bess All Over Seduction Cream Highlighter ($38) is available at Bergdorf Goodman (in store only), where I bought it and online from edwardbess.com.

All photos by me with the help of Kosh, a curious and determined orange tabby.


  1. Hello! I loved this entry since I really like highlighters!
    Lol at Kosh, he has got a cousin helping me as well, his name is Paul and is also featured from time to time in my blog!

  2. I have the darker of the two and I feel that it may be too light for me. It's very subtle but I still like it!

  3. I think I "need" this. Will have to place a call to New York. We have no source for Edward Bess (sob).


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