Thursday, May 03, 2012

Edward Bess Illuminating Eyeshadow Base Cashmere & Dune

The newest product from Edward Bess is the Illuminating Eyeshadow Base. Unlike eye primers from most brands, the Edward Bess eye base comes in three shades: Cashmere (light beige), Dune (medium bisque), and Suede (tan). These primers were in development for a very long time: I first had a chance to try them over a year ago when Edward Bess had lab samples of an initial version at his Bergdorf Goodman counter. The formula has probably changed since then and the applicator has most definitely changed, but even then I knew that I was interested in having both two lighter ones because there was a difference in the way they showed on skin. This is why as soon as the primers were launched I got both Cashmere and Dune.

Edward Bess Illuminating Eyeshadow Base is made in Taiwan. I know there's been some talk about Edward Bess older products being changed as they were repackaged. The eye primers are new and were not available until last month, so there's no original version to compare. All I can say is that this particular product is of great quality.

The primers come in a click pen format with a plastic brush applicator. I don't like this kind of applicators and prefer to click the pen and collect the  creamy base with my finger or with a synthetic eye shadow brush that has soft talkon bristles. You need very little product for each application: what you see in the swatches is enough for at least a couple of faces. The primers blend into a sheer silky layer that looks and feels very natural. Eye shadows grab onto them beautifully.

There's a visible difference between the shades of  the Illuminating Eyeshadow Base. You can see it not just when the primers are naked: I applied Edward Bess eye shadow in Mystery over both Cashmere and Dune to show you how the primer's shade affects the way an eye shadow appears. Dune makes the colors appear warmer, so you can adjust your eye look  the way you see fit. The primers have an illuminating quality, enhancing the look of color products. They also fulfill their role in extending the finish and longevity of any eye shadow and eyeliner, making them last from morning to night without migrating.

Bottom Line: excellent.

Edward Bess Illuminating Eyeshadow Base ($30 each) is available from Sephora online and at the Union Square store in NYC.


  1. hm, better than some of your other eye primers?

  2. I just sent this back to Sephora. I had creasing which I never have with Nars' primer.

  3. Ooh, I've been waiting to hear more about this. Thank you! Must check them out in person.

  4. I have this in the Suede and Cashmere, pure heaven. I have the Nars, this is way better. I've used suede without shadow too, looks great!

  5. WOW! I can't believe the difference that made in how Mystery appears. I think maybe I will stick with Cashmere for now but it would be interesting to play with how Dune affects shades as well. Since there isn't a swatch of Mystery sans primer can you tell us if the swatch over Cashmere is true to colour or is it alters the shade somewhat as well?
    Thanks! So happy you got both to share with us. I never would have known or thought it would be so different.


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