Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Last week I spent some time playing At the Sephora store on Union Square. I needed a new bottle of Smashbox primer and wanted to try a few other things, like Becca's skin perfector that I've been very curious about. It comes in several colors, all pretty and shimmery. I tried both the opal and the gold. The latter is definitely too yellow for my skin and brings out the worst in it. The opal was almost okay, maybe a bit too pink. But I realized that even if the color had been perfect, I still wouldn't have much use for it. I love a little shimmer on my eyes or lips, but an all over the face thing would be way too much (and, haven't all the experts been talking about going back to a matte finish?).

The store didn't have any of the new spring collections, though they were already available at most department stores and online. I was left to play with the regular stuff and with what was left of the holiday collections.

I was looking for an everyday highlighting eye shadow that isn't shimmery. I love Lorac's shadows and they didn't disappoint me. Their collection of neutrals and understated pretty colors is quite impressive and I was able to find a color that is light but still pigmented enough to show on my lids. Moonstone is labeled as "shimmery champagne", but it's not a party color and is very appropriate for daytime. It's not as pink as the color swatch from the website and is quite neutral- not a warm or a cool color. I've been using it mixed with a lot of other colors and it blends well into any look I try. It's very versatile, easy to apply and with the use of my Urban Decay eye potion doesn't fade until I remove it.

I also got a Lancome Artliner in the limited edition color, Socialite. I'll ignore the stupid name (who wants to think of the Hilton sisters or their posse while applying makeup?). I'm not including the color swatch, because it appears grey or taupish while in reality it's a very pretty metallic light brown. I usually don't go that light with my eyeliner, but this is very pigmented, defines the eye very well and adds some soft light. I wear it both evening and day, and it works beautifully. For a dressy look I add a little black liner just at the outer corner of the eye. Socialite is very light reflecting and gives a nice glow (I'm thinking of it as the anti-smoky eye look. It's about defining the eye and drawing attention to it, not about looking scary).

My last purchase was another Lancome: Color Fever Gloss in a plum color called On Fire. Color Fever is the latest gloss Lancome has launched to replace their Star Gloss that seems to be getting discontinued (still available on their web site as a Last Call item). It's terrific. The texture is very pleasant, not sticky at all ( a great departure from their Juicy Tubes). It's packs quite a bit of shimmer but not metallic like Star Gloss and not gritty at all. The gloss doesn't have a distinct smell, which is just as well. The best part is the new applicator. It has a slanted handle and a very wide sponge that covers the lips quickly and efficiently. I wish every gloss maker would copy it, as it's the most comfortable applicator I came across. It's not as pampering or as long lasting as my beloved Besmae lip glaze, but they offer more colors.

On Fire is a lovely plum color (no idea why they chose this name, which is quite misleading). It looks like a darker and less sheer version of Chanel's Summer Plum glossimer. On fair skin and lips it would probably be very bold (though it's not as dark as this swatch from their site), but on me it looks natural, the whole "your lips, only better" cliche.

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