Wednesday, January 17, 2007

From InStyle

February issue of InStyle has Eva Mendes in three makeup looks. She is quoted there saying:" When I first started acting, there weren't many products that worked with my skin tone, so my skin always looked gray". I know exactly what she's talking about. It's the curse of the olive skin. Fortunately, it seems like things are getting much better and the selection is getting bigger every month.

The three looks, Icy Shimmer, Rosy Flush and Winter Tan, are all very pretty, not overdone and seems easy enough to achieve. No weird colors were selected. The products listed cover a wide range, from Giorgio Armani tinted moisturizer to Revlon bronzer, and most are easy enough to find. I'm keeping these pages for future shopping reference.

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  1. Hi, I noticed that you said you have the problem with olive skin looking grey with foundations. I have this problem also! I purchased this magazine after you posted it and I love the looks. I have similar skin tone to eva mendes and I was wondering if you knew of any other foundations (light/sheer) that are good with olive skin tones? What foundation do you think that eva would use. She never looks like she has thick foundation on. Do you think it could be tinted moisturizer?
    Anyways if you could email me at [email protected], I would really appreciate it because at the moment I am trying to find a foundation for winter (i live in aus) and everything Ive tried makes me look grey. Any light you could shed on this issue would be great, especially since you also have olive skin.
    Regards Kristina


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