Monday, January 01, 2007

In which I eat my words: Regina Harris Perfumes

Back in June I tested Regina Harris' two fragrance oils: Amber Vanilla and Frankincense Myrrh Rose Maroc. It took me awhile to warm up to Amber Vanilla, but it soon became one of my favorites. I wear it often and enjoy its sophisticated play on old themes. In colder weather another layer is revealed and the amber becomes very sexy.

It was Harris' first perfume creation (she's a wonderful editorial and fashion makeup artist), Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc, that really didn't agree with my nose that first time I tried it. My impression of a very dated (and not in a good way) scent was so strong and so negative that I've left the sample untouched since then. Until last week. An unknown reason has made me dig out the vial and open it. I expected a blast of a musty aroma, but was blown away. Instead of what I thought I remembered from that unfortunate first testing, I suddenly smelled exactly what the oil is supposed to be about- dark, beautiful incense that's lifted by an elegant rose. Last year, March has called it hippie oil sans patchouli, but I don't get anything hippieish from this scent. On the contrary, there's something gilded and baroquish about it, and all of a sudden I'm in love.

It's probably equal parts the change in weather and the shift in my taste towards the dark and different. I learned to love incense notes and to appreciate earthy scents. It's probably a good idea to save this bottle for the cooler months, but I'm going to fully enjoy it for what's left of this winter.

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  1. You're beautiful.

  2. Vanilla is one my favorite scents. I luv to see how each year the fragrance is toyed with.

  3. Darn, you mean now I gotta re-try these also? I'm trying to be good this year, and I want to love them because fo the cool falcons. Ahhh you are a smooth temptress.

  4. I'm just getting back to this review because I pulled out my bottle of FMRM this weekend and had a friend dab some on. She was blown away, and her boyfriend was instantly smitten with how intensely dark and lush this particular fragrance comes across.

    It fills the air with one of the dustiest, smokiest roses I've ever had the pleasure to experience, and the final drydown phase rocks.


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