Saturday, January 27, 2007

People of the Labyrinths: We are not A*Mazed

Naming a perfume A*Maze is an invitation for trouble, especially if you're not doing anything too amazing. Critics and bloggers would use it to make puns to express their disenchantment with your scent, and you'd deserve it, even if your fragrance is nice. And A*Maze is definitely a pleasant little thing.

However, considering the hype and expectations, People of the Labyrinths' second offering has left me cold. The sample I received was of the EdT, so maybe I'm missing on all the fun that is happening in the EdP version. Maybe all the other interesting notes have gone there to play, but what I tried had no henna, saffron, musk, woods or civet to offer. All that showed up on my skin was a very pretty rose, touched with airy orange blossoms in the opening. It stayed floral and delicate all the way through, which being an EdT wasn't for very long. While it lasted, it was nice, but far from interesting or exciting.

It's as rosy as a fragrance can get. It's delicate and pretty, but reminded too much of YSL's Paris, just without that sour plastic note that ruins it for me. It would appeal for those rose lovers who prefer their juice on the light and pretty side. I belong to the dark side and favor the dirty and mysterious roses. A review of one is in the works.


  1. Ha! Great title! I too was under A.Mazed. I tried the EDP and found no discernable henna or civet. Thankfully on the latter. I thought after the harsh opening it was a nice rose, but I'm not a big rose lover. The name A.Maze comes from their book, but you are right, the shots are practically invited. :O)

  2. Ha! So I'm not the only one to be underwhelmed...


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