Wednesday, January 03, 2007


In what universe is this look considered flattering? I really want to know so I can make sure to avoid ever going there. I found this fashion atrocity in an email from Bergdorf. It's a Derek Lam tunic coat ($4990) and slouched trousers ($890). The pants are even more hideous in the closeup picture on their site.

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  1. This is truly baffling! Even more baffling than the smock top, which I suppose can at least look cute if you are ultra skinny. I myself am an hourglass shape however, which I had thought (silly me) was a womanly shape. To me, not emphasising a waist on most shapes and sizes just seems, well, rather silly. This top looks bad on an actual model, on me, it would look hideous. The shoes are nice though.


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