Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jean Paul Gaultier- Gaultier²

I may be turning into a horrible niche snob when it comes to perfume, but I was still curious about the second-to last Gaultier offering, Gaultier² . It's being marketed as a unisex scent, an idea that I like very much. There are only three official notes: amber, musc and vanilla. The packaging is interesting. Other than the regular 1.3 oz bottle, you can also buy a gigantic 4 oz bottle (what is it with the supersizing? I'd so much rather have every fragrance under the sun come in tiny, 1/2 or 1/3 oz bottles), or a box that contains two 1.3 oz bottles and only costs $20 more than the single bottle. Definitely a great deal for two people who want to have a bottle each.

The fragrance is quite nice. What I smell, more than any of the official notes, is honey. Very much like the one in L'Occitane's Honey Harvest products, that don't include a serious perfume (their Gentle Water EdT is a joke- gone before it hits the skin). It's also reminiscent of what I consider the King of Honey: Serge Lutens' Miel De Bois, only a bit milder.

Unlike MdB that earned a lot of hate (undeserving, in my opinion. I adore this fragrance), Gaultier² doesn't have any of the more complex (or funky) notes, which makes it easier to wear, much sweeter and, eventually, boring. However, for someone who likes honey but hated MdB, this would not be the case. The lasting power is very good, and overall, this is a pleasant scent. 


  1. Hey, great blog! I went back and perused. I could spend the next hour commenting, but I am cranky and have to go to bed. Random notes:

    1) I love Gaultier2 - and the oil and lotion are GREAT and that's not my usual thing

    2) Hadrien comes in an extreme version at saks (Intense?) I have it in the candy for next week, to me it smelled right -- like amped-up Hadrien.

    3) We like a lot of the same things.

  2. The bottles look huge, but now I'm curious about the scent! Though I agree...the packaging is quite interesting.

  3. When I tried Gaultier2, I thought of it as an industrial-urban, "dirty" honey and amber. It was somewhat appealing at first but didn't end up wowing me. It definitely has some hot pavement/industrial fumes notes. I must revisit it.

  4. I have a sample of are inspiring me to wear it. If you like it, I am bound to! I also have a friend who wears this, and it smells so good on her...although she tends to over-apply. Still, it's much better than too much fruity-floral madness!

  5. I love this one and as March says the oil is Great stuff! I love soft ambers and this is me. But I get a wierd peanut note in the opening, so it's much better after that is gone.

  6. Hey I know you? I'm a NJ gal too.

    Now I have to try that Gaultier2. If it doesn't work on me, It might be good for my husband, who will actually go through a gigantic bottle.

    I love L'Occitane's Gentle Honey Water too, but yeah, not enough punch for me. It's perfect for my 8yo daughter though, and on her it's very floral!

    Love the blog, thanks for posting on mine and making me visit yours! ♥

  7. I'm going to have to seek this one out. It sounds right up my alley. I was disappointed with L'Occitane's Gentle Water as well. I love Miel de Bois as well. Thanks for the nudge. ;)

  8. March-
    1. I suspect that I'll need to get te lotion and the oil. They would complement MdB nicely.
    2. Intense Hadrien? Have they finally heard my prayers? I looked at the Saks website and didn't see any Goutals, but their nearest store is about 5 minutes away from here, so I'll have to investigate.
    3. Indeed. And I can't get over the Chaos+Theorema combo.

  9. thedailyobsession-
    The scent is worth exploring, for sure. Not worth a huge 4 oz bottle, though. Good thing they are also sold in the smaller ones.

    I'll have to try again and look for dirty notes. My honey perception has been forever changed by Serge.

  10. greeneyes-
    I'm curious to see how you like it and if it reminds you of MdB. And, I agree. Anything to avoid another fruity floral.

    Peanut? Really? I'll have to sniff again and look for it.

  11. CJ-
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. It's good to see another Jersey blogger!
    I love sharing perfume with my husband. It's interesting to see the difference in the way notes develop on us.

    It's great to find another Miel de Bois lover. Not too many of us around.


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