Sunday, March 04, 2007

Heeley- Figuier

I'm not a forgiving person, and I certainly don't forget offenses. Even perfume ones. Interior designer James Heeley has created the second most horrible scent I've encountered recently: his Eau de Bengay, Spirit of the tiger. That one would have been enough to make me give up on his creations (I wasn't overly impressed with his popular Cardinal, either). But the temptation of a fig fragrance was too great, and I'm very happy that I gave him another chance. I also went to check his web site and was blown away by the beauty of some of his work. His designs put his fragrances in context and help understanding them. His very clean and cold lines might not be my personal choice in home decor, but I can't resist their beauty.

Figuier is a beautiful, lush, fig scent. If most fig fragrances are kept green and cool to the point of being watery, this one is the opposite. It's full of body, like an old fig tree bearing almost-ripe fruit and heavy with green foliage. Its sweetness is very light and subtle, mostly in the creamy opening (the part that has a slight coconut note, but coconut haters shouldn't worry, it's really not 'nutty or tropical in any way, and it's over quickly). It doesn't develop much, only dries down to a cooler, darker fig that blends heavenly with my skin. It feels like sitting in the shade of such a lovely tree, inhaling its aroma. Figuier is much longer lasting than its L'Artisan competitor, and it's somehow figier. I love it.

James Heeley, come home. All is forgiven.


  1. Alas! Are we opposites? I love Spirit of the Tiger and Cardinal!! And this one, I wanted to love, but the coconut did me in. What about the Iris and the Mint, two other of my faves, is there hope?

  2. Victoria- I haven't tried the Iris yet, but I'll give it a chance now. Maybe even the Mint, though I don't foresee a great love over there. We might be Heeley opposites, but today I was wearing Anne Pliska, so the situation can't be too dire :-)


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