Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yawn (and a swan)- Betsey Johnson

This is Betsey Johnson and she's riding a swan. She's trying to sell you her fragrance. Would you buy?

If you buy it, you'd find yourself with a bottle of a very generic fruity floral, with a drydown of musky vanilla. It's like the cartoon version of a fragrance- roughly sketched with all the usual suspects: Citrus? Check (tangerine and grapefruit), Berry? Check (blackcurrants), more fruit? Check (apple and pear). then there's lily of the valley and freesia and the base notes of sandalwood, musk and praline. All the notes you need to get a teenager to Macy's.

I have several Betsey Johnson clothing items, and the thing they all have in common is uniqueness and an air of fun. Both are sorely missing from this fragrance. It isn't a horrible one. I've smelled more cloying fruit in other scents, and since vanilla and musk tend to love my skin, the drydown is wearable. I wouldn't be able to identify it in a blind sampling, grouped with all the other fruity floral girly clones, but I didn't rush to the bathroom to scrub myself silly, either. It's a little annoying, but tolerable.

For educational purpose, here's the non-photoshopped Betsey. I almost prefer the swan.


  1. God, I love her chutzpah.
    I am cringing a weeny bit, though...

    Confession time :
    I got married in a dress of hers, 24 years ago.
    Very Grace Kelly- strapless, ballerina length, white lace.
    Prior to pregnancies, surgeries, etc., squeezed into all her tiny dresses, without the aid of any undergarments, thank you !

    But sometimes a girl ought to ask :
    "Does this make me look pretty ?"
    NOT always- but sometimes.

  2. egad! they must have had some photoshopping wizards working around the clock to make b.j. look like that


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