Friday, March 09, 2007

Ask the Non-Blonde 2: Lancome Mascara

I was asked about the difference between two Lancome mascaras: L'Extreme and Fatale. Now, I own L'Extreme, as well as Hypnose, Defincils and Defincils Pro, and I use them all (a review of the latter is coming soon), but I don't own Fatale. However, my mother, a non-blonde who is well-versed in beauty products and is probably to blame for my own little beauty habit, uses it.

According to my mom, Fatale is exactly what you see in the ads. It gives the fake lashes look, very 60s style, bold and completely not safe for work. It's a great evening look, because the lashes look very thick and their length is amazing: Up to there. "There" being her eyebrows.

L'Extreme is a great option if you want really long lashes that still look yours. I only became aware of just how much it lengthens until I began using a lash curler. Until then, the difference between L'Extreme and the other mascaras wasn't that obvious. They all gave definition and maybe some length. But once curled, you can see that Hypnose gives a thicker, fuller look, while L'Extreme is all about the length, and it holds the curl like no other mascara.

(Photo of Twiggy, found somewhere on MySpaces)


  1. This is really interesting to me, not least because I will not leave the house without mascara on. Nothing beats an eye lash curler for achieving the most eye opening effect. My husband looks on bemused, as I clamp my lashes with silent concentration every morning, occasionally he might tut and shake his head. Sometimes I do worry my lashes might just snap off one day from over usage, even though I apply mascara after clamping.
    I always go for length rather than volume, most of the volumising mascaras I've tried seem to end up cloggy, in spite of my best efforts to apply them ultra carefully.
    Now then, what are your thoughts on coloured mascaras? Purple, in particular (`I am rather in to purple) Do you feel purple mascara and a purple liner/shadow would just be too much? I'm going to try L'extreme.
    All my British spellings are being pointed out to me, I won't alter them though, I might get it wrong.

  2. Jo- British spelling (and everything else) is definitely fine with me. I don't mind the extra Us, Prince William and Hugh Grant :-)
    Purple mascara and liner can be great, but probably not with a purple shadow. You'd want something lighter for balance, otherwise it might end up looking like a shiner.

  3. Yes, I take your point. The bane of my life is dark circles under my eyes (hereditary, I've tried everything, but it seems Touche Eclat is the only thing that helps me) so bruised makeup is definitely to be avoided.
    I'll have to get a bourgois booklet online or when I next go to London (my hometown), I live in a small seaside town now and that's probably why I haven't seen it. I love it here but I seriously miss London shopping. Cheers again.

  4. Aha!!! A mascara guru!!!! PLEASE. Help me. I didn't wear eye makeup until 6 months ago when I ditched my glasses. I am now having great fun with shadows, concealers, liners etc. But Mascara Heaven eludes me.

    I have really long lashes (used to brush the insides of my glasses annoyingly). Now they touch my eyebrows. I have a Shu Uemura (sp?) curler which I'm pretty good at. I have very dark lashes and darkish red hair (fake). So.

    I THINK what I need is something volumising, but not clumpy. Clump really bothers me. Also (this sounds weird) the outer 1/4 of my top lashes, which would be fabulous if they pointed outward, tend to curl back toward the center of my eye.

    In the stores I can try different formulas, but they never let you use the applicator (cooties) and I think the applicator is really important? I am assuming I need an applicator I can use the tip of to coax my wrong-way lashes toward the outside? Curling them doesn't fix it. I had a Jemma Kidd (sucked, tossed it) and a Chanel now, which is just okay, but the wand is too big for the corner-thing... help! The one Lancome I really liked for natural volume but now can't remember which one and they made me use the disposable brush ... sigh.

    Okay, shutting up now. What to do? Thanks.


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