Monday, March 05, 2007

Green Goddess

I wasn't going to up on my quest for a springy light green eye shadow. I knew I could find something, and actually managed to get two. One for evening, and one that is daylight friendly.

I'm a big fan of Lorac eye shadows, and wasn't disappointed this time, either. Goddess is a warm, almost golden green. The color blends well with neutrals and the shimmer is very delicate and office friendly. Like all Lorac shadows, it's high quality, goes on smoothly and lasts for hours. I wear it as a highlighter, but if your skin is lighter, it can probably work as an all over color and maybe, if applied wet or with a transformer, as a liner. Either way, it's very pretty and flattering.

There's also a green option for high voltage nights. The mint green shadow in Nars' Habanera duo is very sparkly, amazingly pigmented and makes the eyes center of attention. Unlike Goddess, this is a cool tone, almost silvery. It's very bold and doesn't work for me as a highlighter. Applied under my brow bone it makes me look ghostly. But when carefully smoothed on my lower lid, it is very flattering and makes my very dark brown eyes pop. It's way too shiny for day wear, though. Also, I have no idea how anyone can wear both the green and the plum together at the same time. The plum is almost glittery, very dark and really gorgeous, but I only wear it with a very neutral light shadow (Lorac Moonstone, one of the light shadows from the Bobbi chocolate palette or the light beige in Dior's Beige Massai).

The quality is wonderful as far as application and staying power go, but there is some glitter migration that I could live without (I wear it over a primer. It's probably worse if you don't wear one).

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  1. I use 2 green eyeshadows from M.A.C. I don't think they're office friendly though, but they're very fun for the summer. Right now I'm playing with bright pink on top of my crease and this bright green from my lids to my crease. I'm Asian, so that whole area from my lids to crease gets hidden, so only a little bit of the green pops out. It's very fun and Spring! Although technically there's no Spring since I live in LA. =D


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